Remnants of the Precursors - Now in Pre-Release state

I’m pretty sure I alone control more than 2/3’s (from screenshot you can see it’s really more that that) of the planets and from reading the MOO manual it looks like a galactic council is supposed to be called when just 2/3’s of the planets are colonized by anybody.

So what am I missing? No council has ever kicked off…

Unless I am miscounting, I see 37 colonized systems and 33 uncolonized systems. So that’s 53% of the galaxy colonized.

Cool, so that’s an easy one to solve for! Just need to colonize all those already effectively in my zone of control.

I guess I was coming at it from a more modern game design concept of influence and viewed the green as under my control. But that’s not true here, you still have to push out colony ships and take actual control of them.

I think the green is the distance your fuel cells can reach.

The inner line is the reach of your normal ships. The outer line is the reach for your ships with reserve fuel tanks.

So, colonized everything habitable in the known galaxy and still can’t seemingly trigger this beloved council?!

And I also discovered the Guardian ship protecting Orion is capable of destroying anything I send at it.

You should do what I never do and consider the game won. The 4x end game is a time trap.

I am digging back into my old MOO memory, so I could be wrong, but I think it would not trigger if there are only two players in the game. It looks like just you and the Psilons on the map after you ate the poor, maligned Darloks.

Shogun Total War 2, man. Best 4X endgame I’ve ever enjoyed.

Yeah, got to say I do love Shogun 2. I still fire it up regularly for another run.

As for 4x endings generally, I guess I just can’t help myself as I like to reap what I’ve worked so hard to sow and whereas many complain the end game is a slog or you’ve become OP and the ending is a forgone conclusion I enjoy smashing thru to a win.

This campaign in ROTP was just my first one to learn the ropes so I could just let it go, but I wanted to make sure I’d understood properly this galactic council thing because it sounds like that’s how you’re expected to usually close things out. If you’re down to just 2 races and I’ve got to obliterate the remaining one so be it, I’ll keep that in mind in the future and leave 2 alive. ;)

I’m also curious what it takes to defeat this guardian ship…

You also need at least 3 empires to trigger it. I mean, if there’s only 2 then you are both candidates and just vote for yourself.

Sounds like a good time to figure out how to beat it!

Oh totally! There’s a lot of appeal to smashing your mans into their mans after you’ve spent all this time and effort to build more and better mans than they have.

Reap what you’ve sown, indeed :)

Spoilers (not spoilers):


The beauty of the MOO1/ROTP model is that the gameplay is much more streamlined. It’s a lot easier to carry the win to the finish line when you can mass deploy all of your fleets to a new destination with two clicks.

In the load game menu I don’t see a button for delete saves (or the back up saves).

I’ve no problem just popping into the directory and deleting them all but might be a small nice to have adding a way to highlight all your saves and mass delete them from the load game menu so you’ve got a fresh start for the next campaign.

Which btw I’m now about to embark upon.

I took out the last race w/o taking out the Guardian, so that puzzle remains to be cracked. Based on Adam’s comment above I’ll be giving zerg’ing it a try as solo high tech ships just got smashed so we’ll see next if the death of a 1,000 pin pricks at once does the job.

I’m having a hard time remembering the damage calc in MOO1 off the top of my head. IIRC shields do a flat negation of the first X points of damage from each source (meaning each individual weapon shot) so you can absolutely just bounce off the Guardian if you don’t have the weapon tech to get much or any damage past its shields.

It’s been years and years since I looked at the thing. I imagine it has any amount of absurd evasion/countermeasures for missiles and such as well. But no doubt if you look at its loadout and give a think to what you have available to you, you’ll come up with a more effective ship design.

Here’s a google doc I wrote basically explaining the diplomacy system in ROTP:

Ok so I can safely assume then the Mrrshan on my western border ultimately need to be militarily taken out and diplomacy is simply not in the cards since I’m playing the Alkari. I suspect they’ll be hard to actually take out, my early engagements have not gone my way and they’re technologically staying even with me.

The Bulrathi are to the south and have repeatedly sent ships in to die at my nearest colonized planet. Their description is aggressive ecologist, which sounds sort of like they’ll be pointing a gun at me insisting I plant some trees. What I’m guessing from reading this doc is they’re going to also be a problem militarily, but if they start out neutral on diplomacy can you coax them into non-aggressions and even an alliance? Or does aggressive mean they’ll ultimately always come at you?

Lastly the other race I’ve run into so far is human, since they lean towards diplomacy I’m hoping I can steer them that way.

Thanks btw for the diplomacy doc, is this early draft of a section of the mnual?

It’s a draft in the sense it’s my first attempt, but it’s describing game behavior that is mostly locked down

It’s also easy to win when all of your huge ships have Death Rays and can destroy whole planets. :) Just saying.