Remote Desktop alternatives for Windows Vista Home Premium

Why not use Vista Business? It seemed to me like all the Home Premium features not in Vista were weak versions of the standard multimedia tools anyway.

Unless you plan on using Home Premium as a HTPC, as wumpus is doing, I pretty much agree that Business is more useful, even if only for RDP. The other Home Premium exclusives can easily be replaced by accessible alternatives.

In your situation I would definately plunk down the cash to upgrade. If you’re used to RDP, VNC is going to feel like complete shit in comparison. It is sooo much slower and less well integrated into what you’re doing (in terms of clipboard, printing support, etc). I respect what the VNC folks have done and all, and the fact that it runs under so many different operating systems is super cool, but if you’re just talking about Windows, Remote Desktop is way better. Hundreds of dollars better, IMO.

Helpful, yet not so helpful.

RDP is the sweet, sweet nectar of the Gods. Nothing else is even close.

I have my web UI for uTorrent, so the pressure to RDP is reduced… for now.