Remote "My Documents" (or equivalent) tool?


My GF just had her laptop stolen and is replacing it with a new HP tx2000z (I’m getting one too!) and I’m looking for something that will seamlessly make all her data remote.

Mozy is a good start, but I’m looking for something that’s basically machine-independent, so she can switch back and forth between computers (e.g. if she has a desktop) reasonably seamlessly.

Basically, like the title says, I envision it as a “My Documents” folder that’s on a remote server, and under version control (with no need to explicitly commit)

Does anyone use a tool like that? Do they exist, or do I have to use Tortoise and do everything explicitly?

The simplest solution is Google Docs. You typically have to be online to use it, but you can download to a .doc format and work offline if you’ll be off the 'Net.

Edit: Maybe not. My assumption was for simple docs and spreadsheets but I don’t believe there’s any version control available.

I actually saw a demo of something like this recently. I can’t for the life of me remember the name, and it was in beta, but it did exactly what you want.

I’m trying to find the link, but so far no dice. I caught it on digg, but haven’t been able to find it again. I’ll keep looking, cause I wanted the damn thing too. I signed up for their mailing list but they haven’t sent anything out yet.

Found it:

Like I said, still in beta. But definitely something to keep an eye on.

That looks pretty sick. I submitted my email but haven’t received any login information. I take it it’s a pretty closed beta?

If you use Office,

Yeah, I think so.

I’m hoping to use it to replace my use of perforce for certain things, simply because a transparent solution would be so much nicer. The only thing I’d be concerned about is security and privacy. But I assume that as they get closer to release, how they address that will become more clear.

Microsoft’s got their relatively new Windows Live Skydrive. 5 GB of storage associated with your Windows Live ID. They provide three grouping for your files - a Private set of folders that only you can access, a Shared set of folders, and a Public set of folders.

I’ve been using it a bit.

Pros: Works pretty smoothly, Free

Cons: 50 MB per file limit, Need to use IE to use their mass file upload tool, Can’t directly move files between online folders

Awesome, I signed up, but I guess there’s no way to know how long it will take to get an account.

That’s pretty cool, but I don’t want to be limited to just Office documents.

This may be something to check out, if DropBox is SUPERSECRET.

Thanks, everyone, this is really helpful!

Saw this on Lifehacker and thought of this thread.

That’s really cool.

Yeah, since DropBox invites are impossible to get FolderShare looks like it could be great. Thanks!