Ren and Stimpy's Adult Party Cartoon

I just saw a preview spot for this, and it looks awful - perhaps destined to become a blight on the memory of the brilliant original. What is John K thinking? Or maybe he’s smarter than all of us and will deliver something great. It just seems unlikely based on the little bits I’m seeing… I’m not sure if the characters seen in the TV spots are the same as what they’re going with in the actual show, but they seem barely animated at all; it looks like the product of some bargain-basement, frame-count-minimizing asian animation sweatshop.

If it DOES turn out to be shit, however, at least it’ll fit in with the other barrel-scrapers they have lined up. Stripperella? How long did it take them to think that one up?

It looks like “The New TNN” (or whatever they end up calling it once Spike Lee is through with them) might win an audience among those who find some of the longer words in Maxim and FHM too taxing, but I wonder why the self-professed First Dedicated Network For Men has to be so unimaginative and low-brow. Don’t get me wrong, I know that we, as men, are in fact all stupid, but c’mon!

I don’t get this “first network for men” crap. Wasn’t TNN always male focused after it’s country music days? And what about ESPN?


Yes, TNN is already for men, but now they are admitting it. My wife thinks they should name it TNA, instead of “Spike” (which might not go through Spike Lee anyway, for whatever stupid reason). They already have Baywatch and VIP and Blind Date, etc. Star Trek is one of the few non babe-filled programs. There are also a lot of “redneck” shows that I was hoping would go away with the “new” programming. But so far, nothing has changed, possibly because of the court case.

Almost forgot. I think Gary’s right about the new cartoon. From the ads it just looks like a bunch of fart/shit jokes. I know the original had a lot of that too, but I remember it being a LITTLE more than that. It at least made you think a bit. This new version looks terrible.

They are also doing Gary the Rat and Stripperella. It looks like they are going the Oxygen network route and deciding to stereotype men as 14 yo boys.

We’ll see. I used to mock “The Tick” endlessly, until I actually saw a whole episode.

Well, the Tick was a great comic book first.

As for Striperella. What the fuck is Stan Lee thinking?


He’s going to paint himself gold and say Bling-Bling a lot.

Say, aren’t these shows set to debut this Thursday? I hear the concerns here, but there a few things that I think might be getting overlooked:

-Ren and Stimpy have the chance to demonstrate that they aren’t crap before I assume that they are in this new show.
-Kelsey Grammar can be pretty funny. Ask Tom, he waited his table a few times on Frasier (sorry, couldn’t resist).
-Stan Lee made almost every favorite comic hero I’ve ever had. He may be old, but he gets a freebie until I see what he’s up to.

He probably got fucked on movie deals involving Spider Man and the Hulk, so he decided to take on something where he could cash in

The Tivo caught the premier episode of Ren & Stimpy, and I watched about the first ten minutes of it.

If anything, it seems to build on what many of their other, earlier episodes were, so it’s somewhat true to what it always was for the most part. And frankly, I think I grew out of that.

There always seemed to be two different types of R&S episodes, the ones in which the emphasis was on the completely outlandish goofiness, and the ones that just tried to find humor in being disgusting. The former include my two favorite episodes, the ones about “space madness” and the “happy, happy, joy, joy helmet”. The first ten minutes of the series seemed to want to go for the latter.

I’ll watch more later, just to make sure, but right now I’d prefer something from Genndy Tartakovzky over John Kricfalusi.

My wife and I watched Stripperella last night, just for the hell of it.

Sexist, juvenile and pretty racy. It did have its moments, though, so it wasn’t a complete wash.