Render your sins unto the forum. Confess.

Interesting. I like spaghetti squash but we have it maybe three times a year, and never with red sauce. It’s basted in butter or something and is a side and not the main dish. I like it that way as a side veggie.

I now think I am going to ask the waiter if the chef can make that for me! I am the waiter and the chef is the person I sleep next to!

Edit: It’s on for tomorrow night. We bought frozen duck at Aldi’s today for $2.49/lb so we are doing roast duck and spaghetti squash tomorrow night – both things we rarely have.

I don’t really think this is a confession. Sort of got carried away.

Back before Labor Day, they had 3 years for the price of 2. Hoping for a repeat for Black Friday

Quid forum?

I had spaghetti squash once. Just once.

The squash was okay. It was slightly overcooked, so instead of long and stringy pulls from it, it was short threads that were too watery. That bolognese sauce was fantastic, such a crime on squash. In the past she’s made extra sauce and we freeze it, not this time though. I’m sad it’s gone.

I got Disney plus because my 3 year old has great taste in cartoons, and loves Perry the Platypus.

Is this ad-free? If there is going to be an ad-free version for like $10 a month (instead of… $5.83 I guess given the $210 for 36 months this is normally) I’d rather do that by far. Also I’m not sure saving $40 is worth going 3 years out, now I do the math on this. You only save 83 cents a month but lose the ability to pull out after a few years if you end up not watching it as much as you initially thought (something I admit at this point feels rather unlikely, given the content they showed for it so far looks amazing).

This is just for Disney+, which has no ads. Not the bundle with Hulu and whatever.