Just saw this tonight and I have to admit, I didn’t dig it at all. The movie spends a ton of time on a subplot that only left me thinking… well, I might want to torture someone given that situation as well. So kudos for a balanced take on torture? I guess?

But as for the policy of rendition itself, it seems to get the Hollywood retard treatment. The most piercing exploration of the subject comes in the scene where Skaarsgard defines it for Witherspoon. Otherwise the whole debate/political scene is so vaguely painted with typical Hollywood political lines (“We’ve got that big bill coming up so we can’t afford enemies” type vagueness) that it just never drew me in. The cast acts well, but there’s so little intellectual content there that their efforts seemed wasted.

Yeah, I have been fairly worried about the recent minitrend towards baldly political movies. I hate Bush, I hate the Iraq war, and I hate hate hate the administration’s antiterrorism policies (especially extraordinary rendition), but the idea of someone making a dramatic, fictional movie to make that point…I dunno. The trailers for this, and that other antiwar movie where Tom Cruise plays a senator and all the reporters are like “OMG you lied about the WMD!!” and he’s going “WTF DO YOU WANT TO WIN THIS WAR OR NOT YOU TRAITOR!!!” did not leave me with a good feeling. I’ll probably end up seeing Rendition anyway because I really do have strong feelings about the subject (plus I like Skaarsgard), but I’m going in with low expectations.

It’s going to be one of the biggest bombs in hollywood history - it averaged 11 people per screening, in 2125 cinemas. Wow.

Saw it tonight; pretty much as expected, though there is one wicked twist that kicks in at the end.