Renowned Explorers discovers an exciting new kind of combat


Combat in Renowned Explorers, an exploration game with a tactical combat core, isn’t called combat. It’s called “encounters”. Because you don’t always use combat. Sometimes you use friendliness or deviousness. Combat is just one of the three types of attacks.

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That poor abbess. She does not look like she's having a good time.

"the same same [sic] expeditions"


This game seems to be getting too little attention, despite this glowing review and the recent podcast. Just finished my third exploration, and I have to say that in addition to all the other neat things is the way the game slowly, gloriously reveals its various levels of complexity. I love that at times my exploration path forces me to decide between short term gratification (Hey boss, those supplies aren't going up, you know?) and long term gain (Researchy stuff!)


She seems more exasperated than anything which is probably appropriate.


Thanks so much for this review. Would absolutely never have run across this and even if I had the presentation would have completely turned me off, but this thing is great. The strategic world map options are really rich, the moment to moment of the expeditions is great, character building is flexible and interesting, and the encounter system is a blast to fiddle with. Shockingly difficult, too.