Repeating SNL sketches that must die

It mystifies me that the “super-kissy family” sketch survives. It’s gotten disgusting and just isn’t funny (if it ever was). Also the “what’s up with that” sketch and the Latin talk show where everyone dances whenever someone walks on. These were ok the first time but now they’re tiresome.
So who’s with me? Any others?

You still watch SNL?

All of them? Who watches SNL?

The Digital Shorts are awesome, which is why I watch them on Hulu, shorn of the baggage of the rest of the show.

That one MIke Myers sketch was great, wasn’t it?

You can distill 20 years of SNL to about 2 hours of greatness, none of which ages very well. But the Taco Town commercial still makes me snicker.

I agree with the first point, but some of it has aged well. Mostly the commercials, such as Pupper Uppers / Doggy Downers, or Petchow brand rat poison.

I miss Massive Headwound Harry.

I miss Unfrozen Caveman Attorney. Which is to say, I miss Phil Hartman.

I have to admit, my heart just leaps with joy every time “What’s Up with that” comes on. Every single time. I cannot express in words just how much I love that sketch. It always gets me hopping and singing along, and laughing at Jason Sudekis as one of the background dancers.

Plus two weeks ago, when Robert Deniro was on, I thought it was the best “What’s Up with That?” yet. Absolutely the best. I didn’t think that sketch could get more joyous or more funny, but it did. It was the perfect fit for Robert Deniro.

Agreed on Kissing family. Ugh. And latin talk show.

They still have a couple of genuinely funny sketches every week (and the digital shorts are pretty great in general, as noted). There were a couple last night (the “What’s my Name” game show, for one). The weekend update often has some great gags. One sketch that was hilarious a couple of weeks back was topical: Prince William (Samberg) introducing Kate Middleton (Anne Hathaway) to the Queen (Fred Armisen in drag) and Prince Phillip (don’t remember)–see below if you want to be spoiled. They do come up with some good sketches but are way too quick to revert to an “established IP” that just sucks. Now I’ll admit that in the past some repeat sketches have grown on me, like the high school cheerleaders (which I HATED initially), or “MacGruber” and “The Falconer” with Will Forte (a terrible loss for the show).

SPOILER for the Prince William/Kate Middleton sketch follows:
As soon as Prince William is called away for a moment and leaves the room, the Queen starts talking in a Cockney gangster accent (think Terence Stamp in The Limey) and accusing her of wanting to “cut in on their action”. It’s such an incongruity between expectations and behavior that it’s hysterical, particularly given traditional British class sensibilities.

Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer was genius (as was Hartman). Including the one set in a Mexican courtroom and in Spanglish.

I wouldn’t mind “What’s Up with That” (I’d probably actually like it) if it just didn’t go on so long. Fred Armisen as the long-haired sax player in the background is hysterically douchey.

I’ll have to actually watch the Robert De Niro version (overall I was pretty disappointed with him as a host, at least this time).

That one was classic, particularly the bit with the dog.

IE, pretty much anything with Fred Armisen as the lead funny guy.

When the family members came out and started kissing stomachs, I really thought they were going to start fellating the dad and Paul Rudd. I mean, where else is there for this skit to go?

OK, just watched “What’s Up With That?” for the first time with De Niro in it.

It was funny for about two minutes – when De Niro was involved. I can’t believe it’s actually a recurring sketch. I mean, once would be fine, but if they repeat it, then that says a lot about the show’s quality.

Any of Kristen Wiig’s sketches. Gilly, sexy gross girl, etc. The sad part is, she’s really funny when she’s not doing a character, but the recurring shit has to go.

I agree about Gilly and sexy gross girl, but Penelope (the one who plays with her hair while one-upping people and finishes every utterance with “sooo…” is a perennial fave of mine (although a couple of them have gone on too long).

It seems this season (and maybe previous ones), episodes have been 40 percent new sketches/characters and 60 percent rehashes of old ones. We fast-forwarded through the kissy family sketch.