Replacing broken sentimental objects

My favorite coffee cup died. It was the Marvin the Martian Applause Ceramic mug. I have had that mug since 1992 or 1995. Taking the over, I have had that mug for 27 years.

It finally broke yesterday. There was a crack forming and it finally snapped in half in the dishwasher last night. I am going to super-glue it back together and use it as a pen holder in my office. I am debating ordering another exact one on eBay. I really like the mug and the design. It had a huge handle so my fingers didn’t get warm drinking got beverages. Plus. it’s damn cool mug.

The thing is, it’s a cool mug, but it’s not THAT mug. It’s like my 1983 Fender Strat I have had for (shit, almost 40) years dying and replacing it with the same model. On the other hand, the damn thing survived for 30 years, so they something right with the design.

I can’t help, but why on earth would you put it in the dishwasher?! None of my favorite mugs/glasses go in the dishwasher. I don’t think it would break anything, but wouldn’t it kill the colors?

They held up pretty well, actually.

Dishwasher might be gentler on ceramic than hand washing it in a hard metal sink.

Ok, but I wouldn’t leave my favorite mug in the sink. Just wash it immediately and put it away.

No judgement here.

I have had some very sentimental things that seem silly to other people, and when I lose them I feel… crushed. I haven’t really tried to replace most those though since I really cant.

To me, the longevity of the mug is simply a bit of trivia; something for the Guinness Book of World Records. But the feeling of nostalgia it evoked is something profound. It triggered memories and took you back to times and places that are meaningful to you. A new replacement mug will do nothing for your record book, but I believe it could serve the same nostalgic purpose as the original.

And yes, even from the photo it looks like a damn cool mug.

That is pretty much where I am. It’s cool mug, and a few years ago I thought about ordering a replacement for when it breaks. I can get one eBay for fairly cheap.

As an aside, until about 2pm Iw as on the fence on getting a replacement. We walked into a store, and they had a trivia question on the board. The answer was “Marvin The Martian.”

I got home and ordered two.

I threw away my pillow which I hug to sleep every night for more than 25 years, 2 years ago…

I am still crushed by that act.

I remember when I left my favorite blanket in a hotel when I was very little. I was crushed.

I can’t remember what happened to my favorite bear with the button eyes falling off.


You could try to get into Kintsugi.

Only the pedantic will understand the rest of this post.

The first of two replacement mugs arrived yesterday. It is not the same mug. The differences are only notable if you compare the two objects together:

  • The new one is about 95% of the overall size of the OG
  • The green lip on the OG rolls all the way into the cup
  • The striations on the helmet hair are different
  • The OG was made in china; the new one in Indonesia.
  • The OG’s dishwasher warning is a sticker on the back; the new one has it imprinted on the bottom
  • The OG had a roman collar, the new one has red. Originally looking at it, I thought it had worn off, but looking at it closely it was that way.

I wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t glued the old one together. I probably wouldn’t have noticed it was lighter, but not given much though to it. I also would have noticed it was slightly lighter.

I am still glad I replaced it. I do wonder now where the heck I got the original one.

What! Why did you throw it away?

Oh I get it. It’s… different.

Don’t give up though. You never know when you might come across the right one. Also, sense you’ve mentioned it, you can bet more than one pair of eyes will be on the search for it.

For years, my mum would treat the pillow by opening up the pillow and sunning the cotton every few years. She’ll sew it up again after treating it.

After she passed away from lung cancer, I developed some allergic reaction to dust, and my wife and me decided that the pillow was one of the triggers to my skin rash. So I had to part with it.

In some ways I miss my mum more than the pillow. She was the pillar of my strength for the longest time.

Sorry to hear about your mug. Sometimes a dose of stoicism helps.

Whenever you experience the pangs of losing something, don’t treat it like a part of yourself but as a breakable glass, so when it falls you will remember that and won’t be troubled

Of course, I think he was referring to more important things, like people’s lives and whatnot. I’m not sure what his feelings were about ceramics. He obviously wasn’t sentimental about glass.