Replaying Baldur's Gate

An embarrassment of choice, you say? I kid - sort of. It does get a little ridiculous toward the late game.

But BG1 is at the other extreme. I started replaying this last year and I kept having to reload and replay battles constantly and it wasn’t much fun with the limits of being level 1 or 2. Maybe games have just gotten easier in the last 20 years? I know it gets better with a few more levels in but getting there is a pain. I still have great memories of this game and will get back to it at some point, but BG 2 was just more fun/engaging right from the start.

OK, but honestly, level 1-2 barely gets you to Beregost. That’s like a couple of hours of gameplay, tops. You start getting more options at level 3-4.

This was the only part of Baldur’s Gate that I really enjoyed. If one of you guys wants to timeshare the game and just handle all the combat and roleplaying crap, I can clear your maps out for you.

Like any game you get swamped by multiple enemies early. But I remember in BG you run into a mage outside an Inn, possibly in the first hour of game play (if you are quick with the tutorial) who will kick your ass. But you need to get in the Inn because you have friends there.

Yep, that asshole at the Friendly Arm Inn (ha!) has killed me many a time. The upside is that the guards will attack him, and if you pick up the people you meet along the way, he’s not so tough, but he does like to hit you Fear or Confusion (I forget which) that certainly makes that combat tricky.

Not a problem if your character is a Kensai. Mage killing machine, that one is.

You know back in MY day with Baldur’s Gate we didn’t have a Kensai… but then again my law clerk told me “ok boomer” today so I guess I’ll just be quiet.

Btw I love Baldur’s Gate (1 or enhanced)…. I am thinking of starting a new playthrough.

Every time I try to replay these the character movement animations make my brain rebel.

I just can’t handle the skipping around anymore apparently.

Back in my day, there was a mod that allowed you to play BG 1 in the BG 2 engine, and use the Kensai. That was before all this other stuff came about.

ok boomer

Baldur’s Gate is the ultimate long marathon to lvl 2…3…4…5. Finally getting somewhere…but only half way AKA back in my day I hiked 20 miles to school bare naked in the snow CRPG.

It’s incredible.

Thanks, grabbed it and SCS and am super happy with my BG1:EE play-through. :-)

Assuming I start a new character and a playthrough == in light of Baldur’s gate 3 (which HAS to have some kinda way to port your super powered character over – no doubt on a beach dead or something)… what class would you all play?

As an aside those of you that are watching this thread should realize there IS some new content in between Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2 that was added by the company that did the enhanced versions.

So assuming you guys were just crazy but willing --Baldur’s gate 1… what class would you start with to do a complete play though – even into the new BG3?

And why — !

There’s no way they’re going to let you import a Throne of Baal character into BG3. For both lore and mechanical reasons it’d make no sense.

Grandmaster quarterstaff backstabs or bust

I completely disagree Vin. I think they’ll be a way to take your final character in BG2 and go into BG3. yeah shell be dead on a beach and have no powers and be level 1.

But they’ll be continuity, because there has to be – its BG3.

Kristi, do you know what happens at the end of BG2?

For BG2 my favourite pick is swashbuckler. Trap detection, levels fast, UAI, capable melee combatant and he can set traps to cheese some tougher fights if necessary.

Darn. This thread has got me in the mood to try this again. I finished BG1 once when it released. Played BG2 till the fish people then lost interest.

Will give a fighter/mage a go. It strikes me that Gorion would have a human heir, so I will go dual class once my fighter hits level 7. The character will start as a Berserker as that seems to fit their lineage. It didn’t occur to me to dual Imoen to a mage when I played before, so I will do so once she makes level 6 thief. Minsc and Dynaheir and Kivan will be in the party too and maybe a sixth.

I choose longswords and warhammer as that seems a good mix for melee because pesky golems.

I’m far from a min maxer and this feels right to me. As the bard said, “The play’s the thing.”

Here for your viewing pleasure is Bill Nighy the Berserker in training.

I’m in. Once you pierce through the veil of ugly, the core gameplay of the original Baldur’s Gate really holds up. Looking forward to guiding my fragile level 1 chaotic good cleric Marcus Agrippa to godlike levels.