RepoBaby #2 :-D


The first picture of big sister (4 at the time) holding little sister in the hospital bed was our best of the bunch.


Congrats, and I’m glad this thread wasn’t about the repossession of your children.

in a way…its about the repossession of his sperm.

Better repossession was never had.

Thanks all, we appreciate the appreciation, very much.

And yeah, we’re stopping with #2. Matthew was 9 lbs 5 oz, and labor was hard and somewhat risky. Sophie (first kid) was 10 lbs 14 oz (!!!), delivered by emergency C-section. So mainly we don’t want to risk another giant baby and the possible complications… we feel very lucky to have these two, and two was the minimum number we knew we wanted.

Plus I’m pushing the big 4-0 and Michelle’s over 35 now, which increases the pregnancy risk that much more, and is also kind of exiting child-conceiving territory. I love my kids more 'n anything, but I’d be fine with not changing diapers well into my forties.

A distant third is that going from two kids to three just amps up everything that much more (need bigger house – no small deal on the west coast where shit is expensive – and need that much more money for college, private school (we’re huge Montessori fans), etc.). We’re just on the edge of what we can sustainably afford with two kids; we’d have to get some kind of windfall to afford three. We’d love my wife to be able to work part-time so she can have more kid time.

So now our family is complete, and we get to groove on the whole growing-up thing, leaving the whole making-babies thing happily behind us. Won’t miss the worry!!!

Or the Hospital Bills. Sheesh.

Babies? Expensive.

But cute kids.


Congrats :)

Two is the perfect number.
We (both 36) made the same decision as you guys for very much the same reasons (kids were normal sized but wife is small - one emergency c-section because the babys heartrate dropped after 24 hours labour and one planned c-section where the wife bled a bit too much. We’re done!).

But the main reason for our choice is that we have stuff we still want to do/see and we’d like to do it with the kids. I’d rather do that 2-3 month trip across Australia with big kids rather than changing diapers and paying for kids three and four…

And with your two kids, they’ll have a lot of joy from each other - ours have even though the age difference is somewhat bigger than planned.



Congrats Repo. Now I want one.

GRATZ! Beautiful baby, beautiful family.

You must be very happy :-) Congrats!

Nice, Johan :-)

hanzii, good to hear from someone else in this situation!

contrary, I don’t blame you – it’s pretty fuckin’ fantastic.

Thx every1, ur0ck.

Congrats! Beautiful kids! We have a 1 year old, and the decision about a possible number 2 is scheduled for when he hits his 2nd b’day next May.