Reported! The conspiracy was a conspiracy!

Title Reported! The conspiracy was a conspiracy!
Author Bill Dungsroman
Posted in Games
When May 2, 2011

Listen, what I have to tell you right now must be kept in the strictest confidence. They are onto me, I can feel it. They have spies everywhere. They are legion..

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I'm not sure I understand the purpose of this feature. Is it to let us know the qt3 forums are kinda terrible, like every gaming forum out there?

No, it's to reveal the political bent of the feature's author, or so I've noticed so far.

Hint: comparing even the moonbattiest of the people with whom you don't agree with to retards is a recipe for making me ignore everything with your byline ever. Fortunately you only write this column, and I come here mostly to read about, y'know, games, so I'm not losing much.

And nobody of value was lost.

So to get in here I have to be really stupid or really mad? NOTED! ;)


The cake is a lie. The frosting however is pure truth.

The lack of vetting let guys like Brett, Andy and Nitram through the gates, but now our very own rabid dog is scaring others like them away.