"Reporter's Escape From Taliban Spurs Ethics Debate"


Having the media close ranks like that and go against their standard policies so readily when it involves physical danger to one of their own is sort of disturbing to me. I’m sure the media would argue that they were just trying to protect a human life, but I have a hard time believing that they would have found it so easy to choose life over their ethics if that life hadn’t been one of their own.

They sat on the spying on Americans story right before the election, why does it surprise you that they would sit on this when they were asked to?

I’m confused by this. How would the news blackout have protected him?

It probably helps make it seem like he’s not important. If they make a big media hoopla about it, perhaps they’ll kill him on camera to make a point. I honestly don’t know though. That’s just guessing. It’s the Taliban though and it seems more like AQ’s thing to do those messy video kills.