Repost: WoW: Come play on Moonrunner/Alliance!

We have a guild on Moonrunner/Alliance called Drop Bears that consists mostly of people from this forum and #qt3 on You can see the roster of our current members here.

We lost several people during the post-xmas queues, and a few more when Oblivion came out, but the server has been queue free for some time now. I’m posting this partially in the hopes that some of our inactive mid level folks will come back to us :)

We have started doing some end-game content with another guild. The last two weeks we have been working on Zul’Gurub, and killed our first boss there saturday night.

As for what classes we need, we don’t care what you want to play, but we do have a LOT of hunters. We are one of the few guilds not completely overrun with rogues, however, so feel free to roll one of em. Healers and Mages are rare, you will find plenty of groups as those classes.

Moonrunner is a PVE server, if that makes a difference to you. Wait times for the battlegrounds on the Alliance side can be kind of long, but they do come up regularly. At 60 WSG comes up a lot, AV comes up fairly often, and AB doesn’t come up very often except on AB weekends.

To get an invite, just do a /who Drop Bears. Send a message to the highest level person you can see online, and they’ll be able to get you an invite.

I shall return soonish, as my Oblivion frenzy is finally waning :0.

But man, I had a good run on it…

I’ll be back in Drop Bears in June, taking a break to get my shit in order in preparation for my wedding and honeymoon/vacation.

More fresh blood is always welcome. :) I’ve been playing on a couple of alts I’d started on ages ago, and will likely start a few more just to round out some experiences with the game… so, if anyone’s worried they won’t have someone to group up with, worry not!

fucking carebears

heh. already did 1 to 56 on a PvP, and didn’t feel like re-doing STV again unless I was on a PvE… :D

Your constructive criticism is appreciated.

Last time I heeded a Q23 new server request I ended up on Chromaggus as a female gnome rogue without a guild. Noone’s been there for weeks. :(

Happily I’m having a total blast so I don’t mind :) Level 24 and 120 gold, just heading into Duskwood.

I think that’s kind of the downside of a guild with such specifics- female, gnome, rogue… it’s probably fun(ny) for a bit, but then it’s gotta get old pretty quick.

However, since we are somewhat established on Moonrunner, it’s not as if you’d get there and no-one’s there, ever… People do come & go, but I believe a lot of that has been due to Moonrunner not being where their “mains” are and they’d rather play those, or they were put off by the queue’s during the post-holiday times and put WoW off outright.

From what we see nowadays, the people who are playing within the guild have decided that these are their mains now, and they’re on quite a bit. People still take breaks (hello, Oblivion!), but they do come back. :)

The wife and I will be around again pretty soon. Life got busy and I got Oblivion. It has been pretty lonely around there, though.

I unsubbed from WoW in preparation for taking a new job and moving halfway across the country. I’ll probably be back in a few weeks to join the rest of the Drop Bears.

We have been making progress through Zul’Gurub over the last couple of weeks. So far we’ve downed the Snake and Bat bosses.

Our alliance with The Holy Order is working out wonderfully. We’ve been working together really well, and it’s showing in the amount of loot we’re pulling out of instances.

I haven’t cancelled, so if I suddenly get bored with Eve, Ainslaye the Rogue might come back.

So…what if I’m extremely low level?

I did 1-60 twice on PvP, got sick of it.

I’m much happier in carebear land, and much higher rank, too.

There’s a good solid group of us that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. :)

I’ve got active alts at pretty much every level. I do more playing time on my main during the weekends when I can dedicate a nice block of time to a raid.

Most of the players at EA Black Box are on Moonrunner as well, horde side however.

Oh? What’s their guild name? Please don’t say Beginning of the End. Because if they are BotE, they suck. Badly. :)

Is there a Qt3 horde guild? I’d like to start a Tauren warrior alt, and need a server suggestion. I haven’t done that side in a while, and I always liked Taurens.

I believe there are a few hordies out there in QT3 land but they are spread about. Half Past Five was an attempt at such a guild but I think it fell apart.