Repost: WoW: Come play on Moonrunner/Alliance!

I just made an Alliance mage on Moonrunner and will ping one of you guys for an invite.

The ultra-original “Black Box” is our guild name. Recently though we’ve just been keeping alts in the guild as people do the seemingly inevitable level 60 play style shift and join big raiding guilds.

My main is Moral…see you in battlegrounds!

Looks like we haven’t been seeing you guys in the BGs. Here’s the list of our victim guilds, and here’s the list of who we’ve died to.

I started a warrior on Moonrunner/Alliance, and my brother Greg (“Haymish” from the old Qt3 Frostwolf days and a lurker here) started a priest. We’re lowbies, but would like to join the guild (especially if there are folks with lowbie alts that might run with us – but if nothing else, we should catch up eventually). If I whisper a 60 Drop Bear and tell them I’m from Qt3, is that all it takes to get an invite? Or do I have to find a Drop Bear from Qt3 who will actually know what Qt3 is? If the latter, what are some character names to look for?

Looking forward to playing with some cool folks. Also, in 18 months of WoW I’ve never tried PvE, so I’m interested to see what that is like.

Edit: Our Moonrunner characters are Sayrie, 10 Gnome Warrior, and Amimar, 9 Human Priest.

Wow some of the old Frostwolf crowd returning? I might have to start playing my warrior again…

There was just a guild merger of sorts… I’m not sure if all the 60 Drop Bears even know what Qt3 is anymore. If you whisper Wrenna, Chav, Bakemeacake, Unioncarbide, Euri, or a few others they should hook you up. Or Zoser (my priest), not an officer but I could probably relay the request to someone who can do something about it…

Here’s the guild roster, sorted by rank:

All of the officers with the exception of Phrost are at least lurking on QT3.

Given that the existing Drop Bears guild is dominated in numbers by non-QT3 folks, and given the focus on raiding which the newly-merged guild is displaying, is there any interest in forming a more casual QT3 guild? Personally I consider the raid game to be a different game entirely, one which I have no interest in playing. My own interests are in levelling various alts to 60 and doing 5-man, small group, and solo content.

Frankly, it seems to me that splitting off the non-raiders would be a benefit to both groups, as it would leave the raiding core unencumbered by lower levels wanting to do lower level content.

Is there any interest in splitting off to form a casual QT3 guild? I would be up for it, if there’s sufficient interest for us to get some groups going (I have characters at a wide variety of levels from 1 to 57). Anyone else? Im guessing we would need around half a dozen semi-regular players to have a critical mass.

If interested post here. If we get enough numbers we can discuss with UC and Wrenna how best to amicably split off.


DB’s started with a few of us from the #qt3 IRC channel basically just wanting to play together and have fun - as far as I’m concerned that ethos still exists today and while it might look like the guild has grown (it has) into a raiding only guild (it has not) I really don’t think there is any need for a split.

Organised != Regimented

I haven’t really poked my head in to the game very much since I resubbed… still waiting for the new laptop to arrive so I can start up a duo with my wife. But on the few times I have checked in on things with Moonrunner, the guild chat seems to have retained the friendly #qt3-like banter I remember from when I was last active. So I’d say that the fact that some of the guild raids shouldn’t push a break-off group.

Although a possible solution would be if folks wanted to start up a Qt3-based Horde guild on Moonrunner. If enough new folks that aren’t already involved with DB got into it, we could have Qt3 vs. Qt3 battles! And then we could come on these boards and bitch at one another over whether it’s the shaman or the paladins that need nerfing.

There’s no need to split off, the guild is just as casual as it was before, and there are still plenty of QT3 people. A once a week foray into ZG is hardly hardcore raiding. Have you given any thought to making friends with the new people?

EA Buys Drop Bears

For what it’s worth, we’re not “raid focused.” We ARE, however, becoming more organized. Why people think “more organized” == “all raid, no fun” is beyond me.

Raid focused guilds have mandatory attendance, 3-4 40 player raids a week, and require you to spec your character a certain way if you want to be included on raids. What we do is whatever the hell we want during the week, and then try to get 20 people together on the weekend to do ZG and/or AQ20.

The advantage of more people in the guild is that you can use GEM to get groups together to do instances and be reasonably assured that the people that join you aren’t fucktards.

As long as (1) raiding isn’t required and (2) there are enough casuals and lowbies around that I can chat with folks, fill out groups as I level, and swap trade items back and forth, I am staying. And it sounds like that’s the case. Quit your treacherous sedition, Dan!

I plan on reupping my WoW subscription once I get moved into my new house and get my own damn high-speed Internet access again. Hopefully some of you guys will still be around.

We still low on Hunters?

We always need hunters. Actually, amusingly enough, at least 3 of us who have hunters have been playing other characters instead. Me - Priest, UC - Rogue, and Kryten - Mage.

While I’m as casual as it gets, I’d rather keep the guild together. Sharpe, stick with us. I’ve probably played more WoW with one of your alts than with anyone else in the guild.

Re-upped my subscription and it looks like Athryn has been moonlighting as a Horde (dirty nasty hordsies!!). UC isn’t playing much lately now that his computer is working again.

Anyone else want to join me? I got my mage up to 57 and would like some friendly people to do higher tier instances with.

Your mage is alliance side? I’m on sometimes as Zoser (60 priest) or as one of my alts (lowbie pally Stendahl, lowbie warlock Wozzizz, and lowbie warrior Microkid). I haven’t been doing much with him but I check in regularly to farm felcloth and make Mooncloth. I might be up for the odd Scholo run or whatnot. On horde side, I still only have a lvl 21 mage (Flambeau), though I may port my 60 tauren warrior Hoomdoorm over from Bronzebeard if activity starts up when the expansion comes out.

My mage is alliance side, yes, in Drop Bears guild. The character’s name is Synic. Kunikos is the name of my lvl 45 priest, which I haven’t logged on in a while but is also a 300 tailor.

I’m also guessing that there will be a lot of activity when the expansion comes out.