Republic of Rome forum game II


Returning peacefully. No plays.

On to Carthage. Maybe.


Nothing here.


Assidui discard a Bodyguard card, to get them to the 5 limit. Nothing else.


Better summon The Overseer. @rho21


Also, Cornelius lays down his command and returns to Rome



Taking bets on Evil Omens again this year.


rho is totally out playing games and having fun while we sit here and waste away :)


Indeed, Saturday afternoon and evening is my regular gaming group. I’ll be back with a mortality phase in an hour or so.



Cisalpine Gaul has been governed gently by Aurelius in the years since its conquest, in the hope of speeding the province’s development and integration with Roman culture.

But the Gauls have remained restive and uncooperative. This culminated in a riot at the execution of several well-known instigators of resistance to Roman rule. Before order could be restored, the executioner had been killed, as had several of the presiding magistrates including Aurelius himself.

A sad day for the senate.


I drew chit number 9, which is Aurelius. As a faction leader, he loses everything back to base stats for the family, but remains in play leading the Assidui. This includes losing his prior consul marker and governorship.



Faction Revenue

Player Senators Knights Concessions Offices Total Income Previous Total Money
@CF_Kane 6 2 5 0 13 14 27
@antlers 7 3 4 4* 18 1 19
@scottagibson 6 4 9 0 19 1 20
@Knightsaber 7 7 5 0 19 15 34

* Pontifex Maximus income (1d6) = 5 - 1 (for evil omens)

Players, please distribute all funds as you see fit between faction and personal treasuries.
You may also trade money at this time.

Province development

Provinces become developed on a modified roll of 6+ on 1d6. Modification is +1 if the governor hasn’t collected spoils at any point during his governorship.

  • Gallia Cisalpina: no governor
  • Illyricum: no governor

State Revenue and Expenses

Base Wars Legions Fleets Land Bills Provinces Net Income Previous Treasury New Treasury
100 -40 -50 -32 0 0 -22 94 72
  • Gallia Cisalpina: no governor
  • Illyricum: no governor

Senators may make contributions to the state.
This will gain influence: 10T => 1 influence, 25T => 3 influence, 50T => 7 influence


Aemilius will take 25T and donate it to Rome. (This includes the Shipbuilding revenue). Remaining 9T to faction treasury. @rho21

Edit: Changed my mind.


I feel so alone here in the Forum.


Quinctius will take all income and donate 25T to Rome, holding 2T.


Assidui gives 5 to Cornelius, 10 to Valerius (to start an Omens fund) 4 to Flaminius

@rho21 – I think Assidui are back to 15 votes since the Aurelius family is back in Rome


20 T to Fabius

Edit: No, that’s wrong. 20T to faction treasury please.



@CF_Kane: you have a new hand card and the first initiative of the turn.


Quinctius attempts to attract a knight. No spend.


Quinctius rolls a 5 and just misses.

And thanks to scott for reminding me that the events from last year had now expired.


Large black pustules. Not the reports Aelius had hoped to hear from his chief medicus about the sickness spreading in the port district. Senators and rich merchants fled at once to their estates in the countryside. The less well-off citizens had no such luxury and cowered in their homes.

The epidemic passed in a couple of weeks and senators gradually returned to Rome. Sadly some of their households had taken the disease with them, so not even all senators were spared.


A roll of 8 on the events table in the early republic results in an epidemic: 6 mortality chits drawn against senators in Rome.

Sorry for the delay, the train I’m on went into a tunnel.

Draws: 15, 13, 25, 24, 21, 17.

That’s Sulpicius, Flaminius and Plautius out of our active senators. One each from the Populares, Assidui and Optimates. @CF_Kane @antlers @scottagibson

@antlers: your initiative now.


I keep learning about events I don’t like.