Republic of Rome forum game II


Things went well. How…surprising.



Alia iacta non est. Julius does not care for dice.

For this great victory, the senate ordered a triumphal procession. First came 500 of the cavalry who had so distinguished themselves against the Gauls, marching through the streets of Rome amid the wild cheers of the populace. Next, one maniple to represent each legion, bearing its standard. If anything, the cheers grew louder.

When Julius and Fabius and their honour guard appeared at the end of the line, the noise was positively deafening. How like such humble servants of Rome to give their cavalry the place of honour at the head of the procession and march at the back themselves.

They marched down the long straight Via Flaminia from the walls directly to the senate where the full finery of the senators was on show to greet them.

Some 500 paces from end of the march, Julius stumbled and fell, an arrow protruding from his throat, just inches above his ornate breastplate. Into the stunned silence, a young man shouted “For Gaul!” even as the crowd turned on him and ripped him limb from limb. How had he come so close to the procession armed with a bow? How had no-one noticed him aim the fatal shot from a nearby rise?

And so Julius breathed his last in his moment of greatest triumph, his dreams of governorship and further campaigns sadly unfulfilled. O quam cito transit gloria mundi



Recent events are sobering, but life goes on and Rome must still pay its bills.

Faction Revenue

Player Senators Knights Concessions Offices Total Income Previous Total Money
@Knightsaber 5 5 7 0 17 0 17
@CF_Kane 5 1 5 0 11 1 12
@antlers 6 3 4 0 13 6 19
@scottagibson 6 4 9 5* 24 21 45

* Pontifex Maximus income (1d6) = 5

Players, please distribute all funds as you see fit between faction and personal treasuries.
You may also trade money at this time.

State Revenue and Expenses

Base Wars Legions Fleets Land Bills Provinces Net Income Previous Treasury New Treasury
100 -40 -24 -24 0 1 13 63 76
  • Gallia Cisalpina (1d6 - 1) = 1
    EDIT: this was wrong, provinces without a governor don’t generate income.

Senators may make contributions to the state.
This will gain influence: 10T => 1 influence, 25T => 3 influence, 50T => 7 influence


Yikes, that was unexpected.

@rho21, Terentius donates 25 talents to the state, and holds 20 for the EO Insurance.

Edit: Suggest we all agree to let @Knightsaber re-acquire Aemilius. If so agreed, also suggest @Knightsaber hold enough cash to make the attempt.


I would like the opportunity, as the new faction on the bottom of the money/votes hierarchy, given Julius’s untimely death.


Ah, understood. Maybe you two can make an agreement of some kind about it rather than competing for it, so that we don’t waste a lot of money that we could otherwise use to fight? Just a suggestion of course.


I’m going to withdraw my request. I would like to save a Talent for a second initiative, in case a good senator comes up. Any objections?


Not from me. I’m not bidding on extra initiatives this round.


@rho21 12T to Quinctius, who will donate 10T to Rome


@rho21 - 10 to Aurelius, which he will donate to the Treasury of Rome; 7 to Flaminius; remainder to faction treasury


Flaminius plans to throw a Games to help keep the unrest down and to start to repair his unjustly stained reputation.


The Populares appreciate his generosity.


@rho21 2 to Papririus (if I did my math correctly for a grab at Aemilius), 15 from Fulvius to Rome’s Treasury.

And I’m spent.


We still have to get through the Forum phase unharmed, but I think at this point we plan to fight the Illyrian war? Suggest we can send Fabius as a Consul with the legions we have to get the best odds, no need for a Dictator. Unless of course we manage to draw Scipio, in which case I think maybe we should tackle Carthage.



The prominent Cornelius family has been down on its luck in recent years; a series of wastrels paying little attention to the senate and frittering away the family wealth and influence. At last a competent young man has progressed far enough through the cursus honorum to take up the reins and lead the family to a bright future to exceed its illustrious past.


The family Cornelius is influential (5) and skilled in both military matters (4) and public oratory (3). Loyal too (9). Truly a catch.

If someone draws Scipio, he won’t be playable until the revolution phase anyway.

@Knightsaber: Junius is HRAO as Rome Consul, so it’s your initiative first.


@rho21 Papirius will spend 2T (bribery!) to attempt to bring Aemilius the Younger aboard.

If only I’d saved one more…


@antlers: you can counterbribe if you wish.


@rho21 No counterbribe


Roll is a 5, Aemilius joins the shepherds.

Any further actions, @Knightsaber?


It’s like old times again here in Shepherdsville.