Republic of Rome forum game II


@rho21 Quinctius will spend 1T and attempt to recruit Cornelius.


That gives a base number of 9. Any counterbribes this time, @antlers?


@rho21 No counterbribe


Roll is a 10. Cornelius remains aloof. Any further actions, @CF_Kane?


No other actions.


Bad news from the East: Rome has tarried too long to take advantage of the weakness its spies discovered in Macedon. The new leader of the Seleucids has been forced to make peace with the Macedonians after a brilliant year of campaigning by Philip V of Macedon, who has turned out to be a very capable general indeed.

With his eastern flank secure for the moment, he has turned his eyes towards Rome.

Philip V

Philip V adds 6 strength to Macedonian wars.
As he matches the inactive 2nd Macedonian War, it become active immediately and is now of effective strength 16.

@antlers: your initiative.


Yeah we’re going to need more legions.


@rho21 - Flaminus holds a games for 7 talents. Valerius tries to attract a Knight with no bribe. Aurelius tries to persuade Cornelius with no bribe. (if I can’t attract a Knight and persuade a senator same turn, just persuade senator). That’s all for this initiative.


And tanks.


Illyria first or go big?


I figure we see what fresh he’ll awaits us in the next few cards and then make up our minds.


Taking bets on 1st Macedonian War.


That’s possibly the least bad option, as it would only be an imminent war this turn.

You can do all of those things in the prescribed order.

Aurelius’ (Influence + Oratory) - Cornelius’ (Loyalty + Treasury) + (Bribes - Counterbribes) = (15 + 3) - (9 + 1) + (0 - 0) = 8. Aurelius rolls a 5, converted to a 6 by evil omens. Success.

Knight attraction:
Valerius rolls a 1 and fails.

Flaminius gains 1 popularity. Unrest remains at 0.


@scottagibson: I just typoed your name as scottagibbons. I blame 6.30am. Anyway, you have a hand card and an initiative.


@rho21 Terentius will attract a knight. No bribe.


Terentius cannot succeed at that due to evil omens.

Bids for the first extra initiative start with @Knightsaber.


Couldn’t resist the intrusion scottagibbons:


Had to check to make sure my camera was off, lol.


Not that I mind 0 unrest, but I thought we had 2 unrest from the unprosecuted Illyrian and Punic wars?


That happens at the start of the population phase, right after this.