Republic of Rome forum game II


I agree that we will probably need a Dictator this year, what with the two wars. It is unlikely that we can finish the Carthaginians this year, with the strength of Hamilcar and the legions required for the ground campaign. The Gauls will be easier to deal with and with a Dictator we have a good chance of getting them off our plate.

So the Assidui propose getting Aemilius back to 15 fleets, and letting him tangle again with Hamilcar as proconsul, while using the rest of our resources to face the Gauls. With 4-6 additional legions and a Dictator/Master of Horse, we should have good odds against the Gauls.

Alternatively, we can recall Aemilius and send a military consul in his place, but I’m not sure there’s a good reason for that. The inability of the navy to meet its goals last year was despite Aemilius’ efforts, not because of them.







Agree we should send Aemilius more fleets and also tackle the Gauls with a Dictator / MH.


This is much appreciated, thanks. I will also donate to Rome next year.


I prefer to fight Carthage, but if @Knightsaber agrees with you two, I will support the Gaul/Carthage split. I worry that we will also need a dictator for Carthage, and would rather not make too many.

Also, at some point (not this turn) we should discuss whether folks are willing to submit to voluntary minor prosecutions, to avoid becoming too influential and a threat to the republic.


I agree to keeping Aemilius out in the field (sea).


Uh-oh, I think we’ve drawn an event or another war…


That’s how Rome rolls.


Yes, the game economy needs an influence/popularity sink and a term-limit to concessions.


Following long-established Roman traditions, any citizen who can demonstrate sufficient wealth can join the senatorial class. Publius Junius Pinguis has reached that requirement in some style, making a vast sum from speculation on the value of shipping in the Adriatic just before the war with Carthage broke out. He takes his seat in the senate not just as a minor senator, but one with sufficient influence among his fellow businessmen that even the major factions may come calling.


The family Junius is added to the forum. Junius is relatively influential and loyal, as these things go.

@antlers: your initiative.


Ooh just in time for the Ides.


Can I suggest we reserve Junius for the Sheep to persuade?


For reference, there are now 24 cards left in the early deck: 6 wars, 2 leaders, 4 senatorial families and 12 hand cards.


I’d want some consideration in return. Maybe Flaminius for dictator?


I’m just trying to preserve some parity — and therefore comity — here. That ought to be its own reward. I get nothing from it except those considerations, right?


Everyone else has 4-5 Senators and you want more?

I suppose it’s for Fulvius’s forced influence gain.


I agree. I will oppose efforts to persuade Junius by non-Sheep.


Aurelius yields his initiative

@rho21 – This ends the initiatives



The people of Rome were distressed last year by the loss of a number of quinqueremes fighting Carthage, but pleased at the relief of our allies in Rheggium. Calpurnicus capitalises on the latter, reminding the people of the importance of the tactical victory won by his fellow consul Aemilius and speaking of the further victories that are hoped for this year. After that his speech does start to drone on a little, but all in all a competent effort.

State of the Republic

Unrest starts at zero; there are no droughts or unprosecuted wars to increase it.
Calpurnicus has popularity zero.

Net modifier is zero. Die roll was 13, which means nothing happens.