Republic of Rome forum game II



@antlers: the senate floor is yours to nominate this year’s consuls.


So we will average one and a half new wars a year for the next four years? Even if we polish off one war a year we are falling behind.


Assidui nominate the slate of Sulpicius of the Populares and Claudius of the Optimates.

Assidui cast their 11 votes for the proposed slate


All may vote


Populares cast 18 votes for this slate


You may have our piddling 7 votes.


Optimates vote Yes


@scottagibson, @CF_Kane: can you agree on the consul positions?


I’ll take whatever, assuming we are going to appoint a dictator. I was Rome last time, so if @scottagibson wants it this time that is fine with me.


Ok, Claudius as Rome Consul then.


I’ll point out that of the Senators with 4 military skill, Flaminius has the least influence-- perhaps a good choice for Dictator?


Good point.

I’d like to do this as a consensus. Unfortunately, we’re talking about 3 offices (Dictator, MH, Censor) among 4 factions, someone is going to be / feel left out.

So, if I were to agree to Flaminius as Dictator, what would be his choices for MH and Censor?


Assume censor would go to Southwestern Mountain Shepherds, as per our rotation-- I guess Papirius. That would leave Master of Horse to go to one of the two mil 4 candidates, Julius or Fabius. Kind of a tossup to me. If we went strictly by least influence, it would be Julius. Master of Horse as an office isn’t that great, though-- you run the risk of combat death without the chance of reaping the proceeds of victory.


@CF_Kane, you are co-Consul, what do you think?


I will agree to be left out this turn in exchange for considerations next turn (or the next time we appoint a dictator). Julius can wait at his base influence until needed.


Very well.

Propose we appoint Flaminius Dictator

@CF_Kane please indicate if you concur with the appointment.

@antlers Agree it makes sense to have Fabius as MH and Papirius as Censor.


If the consuls agree on a Dictator no election is required (for Dictator; still need voting on other stuff)

If Flaminius is selected as Dictator, his program will be as follows:

Select Fabius of the Optimates as Master of Horse

Nominate Papirius of the Southwestern Mountain Shepherds as Censor

Send 5 additional fleets to Aemilius in Sicily to attack the Carthaginians (40% victory, 9% stalemate, 31% standoff, 20% disaster; can’t get above 49% victory with any number of ships)

Raise 5 additional legions and take 9 legions to crush the impudent Gauls. (75% chance of victory, 10% disaster, 15% standoff or stalemate; can’t get above 85% victory with any number of legions)


Might as well, we’re going to lose to active wars if we don’t.


@rho21 @antlers I concur on Flaminius as dictator.


@rho21 - Flaminius chooses Fabius of the Optimates as Master of Horse

Flaminius nominates Papirius of the Southwestern Mountain Shepherds as Censor

Assidui cast 11 votes for Papirius for censor


All may vote on the censor’s nomination


Populares vote yes.