Republic of Rome forum game II


I fully expect both of my remaining Senators to drop dead for no apparent reason next turn.


If we send a new commander with more fleets, that becomes a single combat force, right? Rather than two separate ones?


I’m reading they become Reinforcements if we send someone new.

Edit: I think. It’s confuzzling.


Yes, you can choose to have the forces join up as part of the proposal to send the commander to war. Equally, you can always recall the fleet then send it again with the extras. So pretty much whatever you want.


Isn’t this the end of the round?


Yes, I’m going to move on to the Revolution Phase shortly.



Players may trade cards at this time.

Then players may play any statesmen or concessions they hold.

@CF_Kane, @Knightsaber, @scottagibson, @antlers


Nothing to play


Nothing for me


@rho21 Julius will begin his career as a tax farmer.


@rho21 Nothing here.



This winter Rome mourns Marcus Porcius Cato, a great statesman and orator whose death at the ripe old age of 85 nonetheless came as a shock to many as he was looking so lively only this last year, and anyway seemed pretty much part of the furniture of the senate chamber. Truly it will be a different senate without his insightful speeches and humorous agricultural epithets.


Chit 22 is for the gens Porcius. His tax farmer concession may be reassigned by the senate later this year.


Poor guy. I miss his votes already.



Faction Revenue

Player Senators Knights Concessions Offices Total Income Previous Total Money
@scottagibson 6 4 9 2* 21 20 41
@Knightsaber 4 3 2 0 9 15 24
@CF_Kane 6 2 5 0 13 13 26
@antlers 6 2 2 0 10 6 16

* Pontifex Maximus income (1d6) = 2

Players, please distribute all funds as you see fit between faction and personal treasuries.
You may also trade money at this time.

State Revenue and Expenses

Base Wars Legions Fleets Land Bills Provinces Net Income Previous Treasury New Treasury
100 -40 -8 -24 0 0 28 25 53

Senators may make contributions to the state.
This will gain influence: 10T => 1 influence, 25T => 3 influence, 50T => 7 influence


25T to Quinctius, which he will contribute to Rome. 1T to the faction treasury.


19T to Fulvius, 15T of which he will contribute to Rome. 5T to Papirus.


10 to Aurelius, which he will contribute to Rome. Remainder to faction treasury.


Fabius and Plautius each contribute 10T to the state. Terentius holds 20T for Evil Omens. 1T to faction treasury.



Publius Junius Pinguis is up in arms today. His fortune was won with shipping in the Adriatic and today it looks under great threat as our neighbours across that sea have declared war. They are hardly a great threat to Rome, but do represent one more annoyance to deal with.

2nd Illyrian War

The second Illyrian war requires 2 fleet support and has 4 land strength. A disasted occurs on the roll of a 5, a standoff on a 17. There are 10 talents to claim as spoils of war, plus the province of Illyricum once both Illyrian wars have been defeated.

The dictator remains with the legions for now, so the first initiative belongs to the Rome Consul, Claudius. @scottagibson


Good gravy.