Republic of Rome forum game II


We’ve had three combat rolls without bringing our forces to bear once!

Because of Hamilcar, the fight with Carthage is apt to continue to be a meat grinder. If we are to have a Dictator and Master of Horse this year (Julius and Fabius?), perhaps it is better to send them there in lieu of 4 fleets and a consul.


I support that approach. Julius is happy to win Rome’s wars for her.


Claudius attempts to attract a knight. No bribe.


Claudius rolls a 5, so no joy.

Next up is a hand card and an initiative for @Knightsaber.


Is it Scipio? I hope it’s Scipio.


One chance in 12, assuming no-one’s holding him already.


@rho21 Fulvius will spend 4 and attempt to persuade Junius to join our cause. (Bribe, whichever you prefer)


Fulvius’ (Oratory + Influence) - Junius (Loyalty + Treasury) + (Bribes - Counterbribes) = (12 + 2) - (8 + 0) + (4 - ?) = 10 - ?

@Knightsaber: 9 is the optimal base number, so I’m going to assume you want to spend 3 unless you say otherwise.

@CF_Kane, @antlers, @scottagibson: anyone want to counterbribe? I’m guessing not.


@rho21 No counterbribe.


@rho21 No counterbribe.


@rho21 No counterbribe


My math was incorrect then, I thought 4 would get me to 9 but I’ll do 3 :)


Probably subtracting 1 for how much this game feels as if it’s working under evil omens at the moment.

Anyway, your roll was a 3, Junius joins the shepherds. Any further actions this initiative?


@rho21 Papirius will spend 5 to attract a knight.


Praise Mercury for the excellent Roman spies, who have discovered that Hamilcar has recently been joined by his son, Hannibal, who is renowned as an even better leader of men than Hamilcar himself.


Hannibal adds another 7 strength to all Punic wars, plus of course a new disaster and standoff number: 9 and 16 respectively.
Best of luck taking those straits now.

@CF_Kane: your initiative.


For crying out…loud.


I would do anything for Rome…but I won’t do that.


There’s just no point in pursuing the Punic wars at all now. Even with the maximum 25 fleets/legions, with those disaster rolls, there’s no chance of success.


Well, that sucked. I guess we need to wipe out the other two wars and wait for Scipio to ride in and save us.

Sulpicius will try to attract a knight, spending no Talents.


Sulpicius rolls a 3 and does not get a knight.

Next initiative belongs to @antlers, who gets a card to hand.