Republic of Rome forum game II


@rho21 - Valerius tries to attract a knight, spending no talents.

That’s all for this initiative.


Valerius rolls a 6 and succeeds.

Auction for the next initiative starts with the @scottagibson.


We look terribly ‘up a creek without a paddle’ or ‘in deep doo-doo’ or ‘in big trouble’ or … well, yeah. Another active war ends us, yeah? Need to go all in on one of them. Probably for the next two turns.


Yeah. At the end of the combat phase, if you haven’t got back down to 3 active wars.


Who do we want to get these last two initiatives? I’m not bidding anyway — I only have EO money — but I would get one if no one else bids. I didn’t take any in the last round I think.

So, @rho21 No bid.


ISTM that basically, if you don’t fight / can’t fight the first Punic in the first round, you’re screwed.


We could get two more wars this turn.


@Knightsaber is the only other player with any money to bid.


I think only @Knightsaber and @scottagibson have personal treasury talents this round, so you should probably just split the initiatives between you.


Makes sense. Over to you @Knightsaber, either pass on this one and bid on the next, or vice versa.

@rho21, going into class, so my initiative will be to try for a knight with no bribe.


I’ll bid 1 from Fulvius’ pocket, he doesn’t want it anyway. @rho21


Yuo get a hand card for your troubles. @Knightsaber: what else?


@rho21 Junius will spend his 3T on attempting to attract a knight.

Edit: I meant 3, I keep thinking I spent 4. I didn’t.


A roll of 3 means he is successful.

I’m heading home from work now; I’ll be thinking about what to write about the card I just drew for the final initiative. It’s not great news, I’m afraid.


It’s a fookin active war. Fookin Rome.


We’ll get out of the early republic one of these games.


Hey, the last game finished right at the start of the middle republic.


This may be one of those games you don’t win so much as experience.


If this ends right when I finally mostly grasp how it works, I demand to be in the next game.


Sounds like someone drew the second Punic war