Republic of Rome forum game II




Flaminius is still outside Rome, yes.


Flaminus was the Dictator; Fabius returned automatically.


So, flip it. Send a Dictator and MH with a few legions to the easy war in Illyria, and send the rest of the legions to Flaminius in Gaul. We should get decent odds that way, too.


And yes, that renders Flaminius ineligible for appointment to any of the four key offices.


Note that the maximum bonus from commanders is equal to the strength of the legions sent.


I feel like I need to get a degree in Calculus.


Ah, I did not grasp that.

I guess it’s one war, then. Suggest we plan to finish Illyria.


Likely no need for a Dictator to do that.


Agree, so I think we nominate Junius and Julius as Consuls. Junius would be Rome Consul and Julius (as the lowest influence 4 military) would be Field Consul. Then we recall the fleet, build legions and fight Illyria.

Any objections?


We also need to be careful that we don’'t bankrupt Rome with fleets and legions.
3 wars at 20 talents each mean we only have 40 talents of income; with 12 fleets and 14 legions at 2 T/year means 52 talents of servicing.

Recommend we dismantle at least two fleets; Rome’s dreams of naval supremacy must be postponed.

If we don’t do a Dictator and MH, we have to break the censor rotation to get a +4 military commander. If we appoint Dictator and MH, we can hit Illyria with +12 and 8 legions; that means the most probable consequence is a victory with no losses. We can’t avoid the 1.3% probability of a standoff or the 2.8% probability of a disaster, but if our bad combat rolls continue, Rome is probably doomed anyway.


Good points all. Let’s see what @CF_Kane has to say. I don’t want to nominate consuls until we know who we plan to fight and how.


Sorry all, busy day today. I will review tonight and provide the thoughts of the Populares.


I agree with this take. I think we need to send a Dictator and MH with the +1I to Illyria and fight off that war. If we need to dismantle some fleets, so be it. We are unlikely to defeat the Punic Wars without Scipio Africanus at this point, so I sure hope someone is holding him.

The Populares also humbly request that everyone donate as much as possible to Rome next year to see if we can survive.


Possibly Junius as Rome Consul, Fabius as Dictator or MH, Julius as Dictator or MH, and we can give Field Consul to Valerius or Calpurnicus but not send them out. Just a thought on who goes where. Recall the fleets, dismantle 2 fleets, raise 4 legions, and ship Fabius/Julius off to Illyria. Can we recall Flaminius or am I misreading?


Yes, we can totally recall Flaminius and the legions there. Flaminius becomes an ordinary ex-consul, and the troops are available for whatever deployment we want.


Julius, as lowest influence senator in Rome, is happy to lead our forces as dictator.


Well then it looks pretty much like:

Junius as Rome Consul.
Valerius or Calpurnicus as Field Consul.
Recall Flaminius and his legions.
Recall the fleets.
Dismantle two fleets.
Raise 4 legions.
Julius can be Dictator.
Fabius as Master of Horse.
No idea who would be Censor.
Send Julius and Fabius with all our fleets and 8 legions to Illyria and buy some breathing room.
Quite probably have everyone donate income next turn to Rome to keep us afloat.

I’m all for this plan.


Probably Valerius for Consul for the Assidui, since he hasn’t had a turn.

I agree with Knightsaber’s program, except I think it might be a good idea to raise 6 legions (or even 8) even though we only need 4 additional to tack Illyria-- in case we run into a manpower shortage or something next year, we’ll at least be able to take on the Gauls.


How about six for a compromise. Money is going to be tight.