Republic of Rome forum game II


I consider this learning-by-doing :)


And I am wrong in ~50% of my confident assertions…


Optimates vote Yes

Of course.


@scottagibson Any prosecutions by Plautius?


No prosecutions.


As first order of business Julius proposes to assign the Tax Farmer concession in the forum, lost at the untimely death of Cato, to Sulpicius. Sulpicius will, of course, contribute any revenue from this concession to the state.

Populares vote yes with 12 votes.

Open order voting to follow.


Returning it to the faction that held it is reasonable.

Optimates vote Yes


11 votes yes


Assidui vote 6 yes, 6 no

@CF_Kane, the votes are in.


@rho21 needs to move the card, I think (I’m so pushy)


Second order of business, Julius proposes that we recall all current commanders.

Populares vote yes (12 votes)

Open voting again.

I will stop after this vote so we can discuss what to build, and for @rho21 to catch up.


Shepherds are a yes (11)

(Fleets too, yeah)


Yeah, I assume by that you mean both the commanded legions and the fleets that have sadly lost their commander.

Hmm, it also occurs to me that I forgot a minor step in processing earlier (checking for inactive families returning to activity and for inactive enemy leaders dying). I’ll do that in a couple of hours when I get home.


Assidui agree (12)


Optimates vote Yes


Why you gotta hurt me like this, rho?


I’ll be out of touch for a few hours or so.

Given our plan:

I will vote Yes to a proposal to disband 2 fleets

I will vote Yes to a proposal to raise 4-6 legions

I will vote Yes to sending Dictator / MH plus 8+ legions and fleets to fight Illyria

Edit: @CF_Kane if you have anything else on your agenda let me know now so I don’t hold things up.


Having recalled all the fleets and legions, I propose that we fight the Gauls. If we build 8 legions we can get a +10 over the Gauls, which should be enough to let us win with high likelihood. We will have 20T in spoils to return to Rome, and have picked up a province to maybe generate some additional income in the long run.

If we build 8 legions, we will have 12 legions, 12 fleets, and 43T in the treasury. We’d have at least 143T next turn, -60 for 2 active wars and -48 for fleets and legions, which would leave us with 35 before any contributions. If we win in Gaul, we are up to 75 through spoils and one fewer active war. If we lose in Gaul, we probably lose the game anyway, so the latter scenario seems like the one we should consider. In any event, I pledge my entire income next turn (12T, I believe) to Rome.

We can scrap fleets if folks feel that it is necessary, but I don’t think we have to under this approach.

Is there any interest in this approach? If not, I am happy to follow @scottagibson’s Illyrian War first strategy.


Ok, I would support this strategy. Can we get agreement on it so I can pre-vote before I head out in the next hour?

@antlers @Knightsaber


Makes sense to get the harder, yet winnable war off the board first, in case Vircengetorix decides to show up next turn.

I’m on board with CF_Kane’s plan.