Republic of Rome forum game


Yes, that would work. Do you want to amend your proposal?


Yes, done.

We need @Kolbex , @CraigM, @Panzeh to weigh in so we can finish the Revenue Phase.


I agree with @Navaronegun here.


Very well, I withdraw the proposal.

@rho21, 5 talents to Calpurnicus, the rest to faction treasury

Sorry for any delay.


The Easter Grain Company distributes its wealth this way:

5 talents to Fabius
13 talents to Papirius

The rest remains in the faction treasury.


This is hilariously entertaining, please tell me y’All are going to keep going to the Middle republic


If Carthago delenda est, I believe.


The game runs until Rome falls or someone wins. Or we hit the end of the late republic deck, I guess, but that’ll never happen.

Now the politics seem to be done, I need money distributions from @Kolbex, @CraigM and @Panzeh. Also contributions to the treasury, if anyone fancies making any this year.


The Kolbexarii will donate 10T to the Roman treasury, distribute 5 talents to Scipio and bank the remaining 4 in the faction treasury.


I will distribute all talents to the Fulvius family, who will then donate 10 to the state.


Oh, right, the donation has to come from a senator. Scipio will donate to the treasury in the name of the Kolbexarii.


Hmm, I’m being blocked from editing some pages due to reaching the “maximum allowed number of edits”. Apparently waiting for a number of hours will fix the problem.


@stusser and @Clay is there a way to up that number for @rho21 and myself? It has happened (annoyingly) to me too once or twice with the Empires in Arms PBF…the price of Moderating a PBF game and using PM threads…


Probably but I’m traveling and can’t look into it until next week. Remind me then!


Will do. Thanks, Clay!


Poke @Panzeh


5 on Claudius, the remainder on Junius.



The leaders of the Virtus Romana faction have been conspicuously absent from the forum this week. No-one will tell where they have gone, but the general consensus is that they must be meeting with someone who can further their cause.

@Navaronegun: there’s a new card in your hand and it’s your initiative.

As a reminder, the initiative sequence is, in order, any or all of:

  • One persuasion attempt
  • One attempt to attract a knight OR pressure a set of knights for money
  • One sponsorship of games to decrease unrest and increase popularity
  • Change faction leader


T Quinctius Flamininus will attempt to persuade Sulpicious to Join his faction.

Add 7 Talents in Bribes.


Oratory + Influence - Loyalty - Personal Treasury = 4 + 16 - 8 - 7 = 5

@Navaronegun: An unmodified roll of 10+ always fails, so there’s little point bribing to push your base number past 9. I’m going to assume you want to spend 4 talents in bribes unless you specify otherwise.

Anyone want to counterbribe from their faction treasury? @Kolbex @scottagibson @Juan_Raigada (the factions with anything in the bank)