Republic of Rome forum game


Ah, I was looking at military and not oratory!

Very well, 11 talents.

Waiting on @Kolbex decision


The Kolbexarii will spend all 8 talents in their treasury to counter-bribe Junius.

This is madness.


Ok, we raise our bid to 19 talents to bring it back to 9.

I’m pretty sure the Panzehians were the manipulating hand behind all the prosecutions and assassination attempts.

Also, I’m missing the drama.


No more counter-bribes are possible, so let’s see what the fates decide.

Junius was the particular focus of Fabius’ recent parties. He was lavished with many gifts, too valuable even for his status as a former consul, and many of his characteristics and accomplishments were lauded in front of Fabius’ friends.

Fabius was no blushing ingenuus though: when the offer came to join the Eastern Grain Company he was hardly surprised. Nor did the other factions fail to notice what was going on. Fabius received some quiet words (and bribes, it’s rumoured) from the Pontifex Maximus himself to dissuade him from switching his allegiance. In the end though, his venal nature came to the fore. He had plenty of money now, but think what he could do with the sort of budget the grain magnates offered.

Persuasion attempt

Roll was a 5, Fabius joins the Eastern Grain Company.
His personal treasury is now 27 talents.

@Juan_Raigada: any further actions?


Junius will spend 5 talents to attract a knight

No more actions after that.

We consider the Panzehian affront paid for, at least for now.

Also, just consider: had you agreed to the 50 talent contribution deal, this would not have happened.


Rome will not be ransomed. The contribution deals are simple greed.


Honestly, they were not.


Claudius is looking a little short of supporters in the forum today, but perhaps he has others not so visible.

@Panzeh: you have a new card in hand and it’s your initiative.


If you wanted to help Rome, you would’ve contributed the money. You’ve declared war now. I intend to fight it to the end.

To all others-

I propose we form a coalition to prevent EGC from ever getting any political appointments until he meets certain conditions that involve the removal of all concessions from Papirius.

The amount of money he has guarantees that he can steal all of your senators until he has total power. That is his goal.


And so the circle of hatred continues…



Btw, @Rho21 can you voluntarily remove concessions?


Claudius spends 1 talent to attract a knight.


I don’t believe so.

Claudius rolls a 1 and fails to attract a knight.


I’m done.


Typically you consent to a minor prosecution to do that.


Allow me to name a consulship and I would agree to that. Until I get no consulships, no deal.


As humans do, so the gods have their favourites who receive more advantages than other mortals, if also more scrutiny. One such as Lucius Aemilius Paullus Macedonicus who has come by a new advantage recently.

@CraigM: you also have a new card and an initiative to take.


Hmm, not much I can do here. I’ll spend 3 to roll a knight for the Fulvius family.


Fulvius rolls a 1 and misses out on a knight. Anything else?


Request I get dice with more than the 1 on them ;)

Nothing else