Republic of Rome forum game


Claudius spends 1 talent to attract a knight.


I don’t believe so.

Claudius rolls a 1 and fails to attract a knight.


I’m done.


Typically you consent to a minor prosecution to do that.


Allow me to name a consulship and I would agree to that. Until I get no consulships, no deal.


As humans do, so the gods have their favourites who receive more advantages than other mortals, if also more scrutiny. One such as Lucius Aemilius Paullus Macedonicus who has come by a new advantage recently.

@CraigM: you also have a new card and an initiative to take.


Hmm, not much I can do here. I’ll spend 3 to roll a knight for the Fulvius family.


Fulvius rolls a 1 and misses out on a knight. Anything else?


Request I get dice with more than the 1 on them ;)

Nothing else


Look at it as doing a good job of filtering out the 1s so no nasty events happen this turn.

Publius Cornelius Scipio has particularly hawkish views about war with Carthage, and an attendant expectation that he might gain the glory of leading the army himself - once Rome eventually agrees to send one! These sentiments, so in line with the concerns of the people as their senate refuses to launch a decisive battle each turn, are bringing him the support of more and more minor senators as each year passes. From time to time this brings other opportunities as well.

@Kolbex: you have a new card and an initiative.


Valerius spends 5T to attract a knight.


Everyone’s had an initiative and there’s still one left. @scottagibson may now make a bid for it; each player in order from there may either increase the bid or pass. The auction goes once around only.

The winning bid will have to be paid for from an individual senator’s personal treasury.


@rho21 I bid 5 talents for the initiative


Then, I bid 6 with Fabius, which means I get it since nobody can outbid (the Pontifex Maximus must keep his 20 per agreement)


Word comes from our spies that the Macedonians are restless again. Did they not learn the lessons of recent years?

Further reports clarify the issue: in the turmoil following a second ruinous peace with Rome, a new basileus has risen to the throne in Macedon. His name is Philip V, and he appears to be something of a rabble rouser. He speaks of past glories (and funds) that could be won back in a new war against Rome under his leadership. Happily, his strategoi are not minded to approve of such a course of action currently: the country must recover first.

Philip V

Philip boosts all Macedonian wars by 6 strength. He adds a disaster on a natural roll of 15 and a standoff on 14. For now he goes into the Curia as an inactive enemy leader.

@Juan_Raigada: what will you do with your initiative?



Junius will spend 3 talents to attempt to persuade Aurelius to abandon a sinking ship.

3 talents should bring the target number to 9 unless I’m doing the calculations wrong. Can you confirm?

Then, whatever happens with the persuasion:

Fabius spends 5 talents to attract a knight.


Junius’ life of pure leisure with his new-found wealth was quite short lived. A quiet word from Fabius suggested he might want to have a chat with his friend Aurelius and see if he was also disposed to changing allegiance.
They met in the theatre, in the very finest seats. At an opportune moment, Junius casually mentioned the wonderful opportunities he had had since joining the Eastern Grain Company and asked if Aurelius wouldn’t enjoy the opportunity to share such pleasures too.
But he had misjudged his friend somewhat. While Aurelius’ loyalty to his faction was nothing special, he was nothing like as interested in the pleasures of the flesh and decided his debt of gratitude to Aemilius (over a matter from a few years back best not mentioned in polite company) was more important.

Persuasion attempt

3 talents is correct to get the target number to 9. There are no personal treasuries to intervene.

The roll is 10. Aurelius declines to join the Eastern Grain Company.


News arrives of more devastation caused by Hannibal and his army. They have damaged properties belonging to the Pontifex Maximus himself this spring; he is said to be most annoyed. Again the state is able to repair the damage at little cost; the senate will be able to reassign this property immediately. @Kolbex

Mentioning the senate, a couple of senatorial families have returned to prominence recently. Julius and Manlius will be casting their votes freely this year but may be tempted to join a faction before long.


So Juan will either win, or we all lose. I’ve not been a participant or agitator for prosecutions before…



Flaminius stands on the steps of the senate this year to speak to the people. The mood in the crowd is one of grave concern about Hannibal’s continuing depredations and Flaminius himself holds little weight in their eyes. But, perhaps spurred by the memories of the mob last year, he speaks brilliantly and with conviction, far surpassing his usual skills in oratory. His words will be much debated in the baths and gambling houses over the next week.

State of the Republic

Unrest starts at 2 and goes up by 2 for the unprosecuted Punic wars.
Flaminius has 0 popularity, so the roll will be modified by -4. Note this means that the game would be lost on a roll of 3. Might be an idea to elect a popular leader.

As it happens, the roll was 16, giving no net effect.