Republic of Rome forum game


I’m happy to play it to a conclusion or call it here.

More generally, I like the game and would definitely play it again, perhaps with a bit more wisdom now that I have a better sense of it.

And whatever we do, thanks a bunch to @rho21 for moderating the game!


I’m fine continuing. I think we may have painted ourselves a bit into a corner, though. I vote yes on the fleets. What choice, really, do we have?


Legions, not fleets.


Thank you, slip of the tongue.

Fleets on the brain for some reason, can’t imagine why.


We vote yes


I also vote yes.


Paging @Panzeh for a vote.


Vote yes.


The measure passes.

Once again I would like to test the sense of the Senate on the question of cooperation in the face of multple wars. I suggest an agreement along the following lines:

  • Each faction may retain 5 talents for attracting neutral Senators / Knights next round, but all other proceeds are to be donated to the state.
  • Each faction agrees not to attempt to poach other faction Senators next round.
  • Each faction agrees to allow @Panzeh first choice in attracting non-aligned Senators in the Forum.
  • Each faction agrees not to prosecute or to support any prosecutions next round.
  • Each faction agrees that they will not attempt personal victory next round.

These are general principles intended to forge a united Senate. Of course we can adjust them now if you have better suggestions. I would agree to these or something like them if all other factions agree.

What say you all? @Panzeh @CraigM @Kolbex @Juan_Raigada


Yeah, no deals.


Not even a simple no-poaching deal?


Nope, as I’ve said many times, once assasinations started, deals became impossible.


Ah, very well.

@rho21, the Senate is adjourned.


My work internet is made of wet string today, so no updates until I get home. Anyway, that gives people the chance to use a tribune if they desperately want to propose something else.


No combat this year, so straight on to the Revolution Phase.


All players may trade and play hand cards. @scottagibson @Juan_Raigada @Panzeh @CraigM @Kolbex




Nothing from me.


Negatory ghost rider




Put my concession on Claudius