Republic of Rome forum game


Kolbexarii, vote.


The Kolbexarii vote in favor.

Incidentally, @rho21, would it be too much trouble to put your excellent “the way things stand” display into a Google Sheet for ease of reference?


I will vote in favor and carry the motion, barring the use of vetoes. @Navaronegun, @CraigM, and @scottagibson are the order of the remaining votes if they wish to announce their votes.


I have no veto I would use here, and will vote yes so we may simply move forward then.


Great idea. I’ll go for a shared PM to all of you though as I’m already storing it in a PM to myself. Feel free to complain if you’d much prefer a google sheet.

Note that vote tallies can also be (very temporarily) increased by spending money from senators’ personal treasuries. In this case it wouldn’t matter though, there’s not enough there to overcome the yes votes even before CraigM’s.

Point of order: A couple of thoughts about smoothing out the rules for forum games.

  • I think it will speed things up in general if the presiding magistrate is allowed to call for the votes of several factions simultaneously, without needing to specify an order. Ideally when their choices might be expected not to depend on each other. Of course players should also feel free to leave instructions with me on how to cast their votes when they are called on.
  • It’s probably a good idea to announce the number of votes you are casting and the running totals as you do so.

Currently I believe the motion to elect Aelius of the Eastern Grain Company and Flaminius of the New Men as consuls stands at 34 in favour, 0 against.


Point of Order
One more question: would players like a list of cards remaining in the deck / hands for the current age, or is that better left as a pleasant surprise?


The New Men cast 8 votes for the election of Aelius and Flaminius, bringing the total to 42.

@rho21, how is it decided which of us is the Rome Consul?


The two elected consuls choose between themselves. If a mutual decision cannot be reached, it is decided randomly.


Aelius is the better Home consul by far. He should be Home consul. Flaminius can be Field consul.


Hmm, I’d rather be Home Consul myself. I’ll PM you a proposal.


I’ll lay it out here- Papirius may be looking at some investigations into his finances if the Eastern Grain company insists on being Rome Consul.


The censor wouldn’t have the votes. Just your own and your new men lackeys. We vote against the threatening King -pretender’s slate for consul, knowing we’ll lose.

This is an old RoR ploy, folks. They plan to rotate Rome Consul between them, threatening investigations, and spreading graft to each other, until stopped. Stopping them is easy. Aelius becomes Rome Consul and we all vote against the Censor’s prosecutions, neutering the threats, and ending this attempt at an early game cabal.


Well, you can’t know that he doesn’t have the votes.


If we all vote against you and him, then you lose, tyrant-hopeful.

Senators-You’ll note this cabal has is admitted to tacitly in the above post.


Well, it’s just an observation. Of course I’d rather be the Home Consul, who wouldn’t? And it seems unlikely to me that the honored Censor-in-waiting would offer an empty threat.

In any event, I’m still trying to resolve the question amicably.


I think the composition of the deck should remain a(n un)pleasant surprise.


Concur, @rho21


Also concur @rho21


Keep in mind that with so many concessions, Romans of virtue would be found to be provided these concessions were the just prosecution to succeed.


If the Senate consents. It shall not. You ‘ve shown your tyrannical hand too early and too blatantly. Rome is actually lucky that you two are so transparent in your cabal.