Republic of Rome forum game


I’ve only got 6 talents, and only 5 income. I’ve really got nothing to contribute.


Don’t worry about it.


Got all those done; just @Kolbex left, I believe.


All 14T income, plus the 5T “Cornelius” (now Scipio) had, plus 1T from the faction treasury to Valerius, which makes 20T in his personal treasury to satisfy the agreement.

Please gods grant your Pontifex long life.


Right, hopefully that’s all correct for everyone now. Complain if not.


The senate is in a quandary. All these legions, but only the one fleet and not much money to raise more. If Carthage cannot be fought across the Strait of Messana, perhaps the legions should be put to use in another way.

News from our traders is that the people of Illyria are refusing to sell us food this year. We are assured by the priests that the evil omens of recent times have at last ended, so what is there to stop our mighty legions should we choose to teach them their place? Other voices argue that starting a new war while so threatened by Carthage is folly. But perhaps those who shout loudest in opposition to war are those who profit most from the market in grain.

The 1st Illyrian War has appeared from the deck and will remain inactive until attacked or matched. Even while inactive it generates one level of drought conditions, which will cause unrest. It has 5 land strength and requires 3 fleet support. Spoils of just 10 talents, disaster on a roll of 5, standoff on 15. The 2nd Illyrian war also resides somewhere in this deck; defeating both will create the province of Illyria.

@CraigM: The dictator has returned triumphant to Rome so the first initiative is yours.

As a reminder, in order you may do any and all of:

  • Make a persuasion attempt
  • Attempt to attract a knight
  • Sponsor one set of games
  • Change your faction leader


The hits just keep on coming.


I’d say we elect another dictator and defeat the Illyrian war. I’ll support proposals along those lines.

Also, would like to have the concession back and / or an office this round.

Edit: When we get to the Senate phase I mean.


I second these thoughts. The Wars have to be fought. Better to knock this one out and keep gearing up for Carthage.


Who is your candidate?


I third the motion.

We do need to split candies so influence is spread. In particular, @scottagibson is too low and should have an office. @kolbex, @craigM and @panzeh have a lot. I suggest @Navaronegun, @scottagibson and me get the offices (I should get the lower influence one).

I’m not sure we need a dictator. We’ll get max chances at this war with just a consul. A Dictator would just give too much influence and start triggering control crises.


Lowest influences are me, then @Navaronegun, then @Juan_Raigada followed closely by @CraigM and @Panzeh.

Best unused military in that bunch is Quinctius Flamininus 5 (Virtus Romana). My own Flaminius is a 4. Either one of those would do for a Dictator, or field Consul if we decide against a Dictator.

If we go with a Dictator, there are 5 offices to fill, which has some advantages when it comes to making an agreement which satisfies all. But you’re right, there’s already a lot of influence piling up.

Also, none of my guys are censor-eligible.


I would support a Dictator, just would prefer not to go that route when unneeded, but I will agree to one if everybody wants it.


Just with the armies (with a 0 military leader) we would have the +11 that guarantees a victory but for Standoff or disaster roll. This war has easy numbers (very low probability both of them), so any commander would have 96% chances of victory.

I actually would advice against sending a good commander (that might die if standoff or disaster) and instead we can make the field consul the most expendable leader among the bunch.

I would not oppose sending Quinctius, I just think it’s an unnecessary risk.


Ah, ok. So maybe no Dictator.

Makes sense. I’d volunteer Calpurnicus then. Everyone hates that guy.


I’m fine with whatever as long as influence is spread. You and @Navaronegun should be Consuls.

I think because of influence and no prosecutions I should be the censor, then, but I’m open to other proposals there.


I approve of these consul candidates.


It appears I brought the Gallic fever back with me.

In the interests of peace and prosperity of the empire, I do agree that those lower among us should get the chance to prosecute the war.

We’re we to march against Carthage, a dictator may be needed, but I sense the people feel it is wisest to settle these impetuous Ilyrians. Show them to withhold grain bought at a fair rate.

I will propose Scott and Juan as consuls, with Scott leading the war. Navarone would get the third office.

(Also @rho21 I would donate to the state for our fortunes. Three talents to Rome, with a more substantial contribution next turn.)

I will, with my action, use two talents to risk for a knight. If I get it, great, if not? Next turn I’ll be able to deal with some unrest.


OK, donation done; state treasury is at 119 talents. Your attempt to attract a knight meets with no success (1).

News arrives of a great general who has arisen in the ranks of our enemies. Antiochus III survived the recent battles with Rome thanks to his tactical cunning. Still, with Syria in disarray after losing that war and paying such huge reparations, there’s nothing he can do to threaten Rome. (Antiochus is discarded as all is matching wars have already been defeated.)

@Kolbex: it’s your initiative.


I suppose there’s no reason not to attempt to attract a knight for Julius and just hope for a 6? I’ll do that, then I’m done.


Julius also has no luck at all (1). At least these rolls aren’t causing nasty events. Though perhaps you’ll wish they were.

The Macedonians are heirs of the core of Alexander’s empire and like to think themselves still a major power though they are but a shell of what they once were. They play politics in the Mediterranean, interfering as they start best. They are not even above starting wars between other powers.

Many of our people believe that Macedon is behind our recent troubles, stirring the pot with both Syria and Carthage. This hasn’t been spoken aloud in the senate before today, but word has arrived from our spies that Macedon’s allies are as annoyed by their behaviour as the rest of us. Furthermore, their navy suffered a great defeat and what remains of it will be out of action for some time for repairs. Were we to attack Macedon soon we could face them alone, their allies stepping aside. An opportunity for sure, but can Rome afford to take it right now?

The 2nd Macedonian War has appeared and is inactive. While inactive there are no ill effects but there is one other Macedonian War in the deck that might activate it, plus a leader. It will require 5 fleet support to prosecute and has 10 army strength for our legions to overcome. Spoils are 45 talents; disaster on 13, standoff on 14.

@scottagibson: time for your initiative.


Well, the spoils are good on that one. Otherwise… fuck.

We might want a dictator to prosecute both new wars or just we wait and risk it.

If we prosecute both we will need to raise 9 ships. I will contribute the money I raise from that (27 talents) back to the treasury.

Ok, some more analysis:

We can send L Aemilius Paullus Macedonicus with 16 legions to the Macedonian war and guarantee a victory, since he negates D/S there.

That would leave a Dictator + Master of Horse (T Quinctius Flamininus? + Fabius?) + 5 legions for a 95% chance of Victory against Illyrians.

If we do not want a Dictator, we shift 3 legions to Illyria, for about 92% chances with just one 5 leader there, keeping the Macedonian War at 95% chance. The Macedonian gets preference since it pays Rome better.

This assumes Quinctius and Macedonius would be Consuls.

I think no Dictator here is the wisest choice, but it fucks up @scottagibson and me (or at least the one of us who doesn’t get to be Censor), putting us back in the influence competition. For us to be confortable we would need some guarantee of an office next year, I think.

Otherwise we could choose 4 military consuls, for a slightly lower chance of victory (about 5% less in each) but more parity in office assignments.