Republic of Rome forum game


Yes, this is why I think we must try to finish two wars again this round. So, Dictator again I think.


Currently 14 cards in the deck once I’ve passed one to Juan.


Papirius will sponsor a Gladiator gala (18 talents).

He becomes faction leader.

I agree we should pursue both wars this turn. Again, we can still over 90% odds in them without a Dictator, but I’m ok with choosing one too.


OK, that’s +3 popularity, -3 unrest (though it’s at 0 already).

Want to also try for a knight?


Yeah, sure. With Fabius.

Forgot that’s free if unlikely.


Roll is 5, so no free knight.

Finally @Panzeh also gets a faction card and an initiative.


Incidentally, the early republic deck has 64 cards, of which 37 start in play: 3 senators and 3 faction cards for each player, plus the inactive 1st Punic War. That leaves 27 of which we’ve seen 14 over 3 turns, leaving 13 in the deck.

It seems that player numbers will have a significant effect on the difficulty of the game: with fewer players the deck will be diluted with more senators and faction cards.


Attempt to attract a knight with 1 Talent on Claudius.


Sadly the roll is a 4, so you just miss out.

The Carthaginians pillage Roman territory, destroying the tax farmer concession under the control of our esteemed dictator. @CraigM

Plautius the younger doesn’t return to the forum, but the tax farmer does immediately become available again.



Unrest starts at 0 and increases by 1 for the unprosecuted war and 1 for the drought effect of the Illyrian War.

State of the Republic

Returning hero Lucius Aemilius Paullus Macedonicus speaks to the people of the glory of Rome and the importance of standing together against our many foes.

Something he said went down poorly with the crowd though and the legionaries had to step in and whisk him to safety.

Popularity - Unrest + 3d6 = 5 - 2 + 5 = 8 => +3 unrest.

Unrest now sits at 5. Good job you had a popular leader, really.



@CraigM is presiding until the year’s new consuls can be elected, which is the first order of business.


FYI, my internet access is likely to be scarce over the next three days.


Gracious Saturnalia you all!


Thanks, happy holidays!


Merry Xmas, Senatores!



It’s quiet here in Rome over the holidays.


Yes, my apologies. Lots of family stuff, and I caught a nasty bug that has all but laid me out the last three days.


No worries, hope you feel better soon. I wasn’t expecting too much play over the holidays, and anyway it’s pretty convenient for me: I’ll be back home on Friday evening and much more able to moderate.


@CraigM, hope you feel better soon, and belated happy birthday!


@CraigM: feeling better? I fancy getting this show on the road again.