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A whole European 19th Century struggle broke out during our lull. :)


Yes, sorry. Only felt better on Tuesday, and yesterday just got out of hand at work with everyone returning.


So we stand here on the brink. Wise council has spoken and offered several plans. However the interests of prosecuting two wars demands some action. From what the esteemed Juan and Scott proposed, this would be a means of getting some of our problems dealt with.

In this plan our censor would be eligible from the two previous consols? Let me look. But I tentatively plan to nominate scott and I for the respective consul positions, then propose Navarone for Dictator. Censor would be ? And MH would be any decent general willing. Scott volunteered one of his which would be fine with me.


I’m in agreement with this plan.


Let’s do it to get things moving.

Furius as Rome Consul and Aemilius Paullus as Rome Consul.

@Kolbex @Navaronegun @scottagibson @Juan_Raigada


The New Men vote yes…

…Noting that the choice of Rome vs Field consul will be decided by the elected consuls.




So we’re going to prosecute our two inactive wars this turn? I admit to having lost the plot a bit during the interregnum, as it were, but isn’t that going to have some fairly bad consequences, unrest-wise?


So the answer is yes, because they are beatable.

The Illyrian war causes famine, even inactive. So ignoring it will increase unrest rather sharply. It is also fairly tame, as far as wars go. The Macedonian war has three things pushing to prosecute it.

  1. it can be profitable
  2. the second part of the war, and Phillip, are lurking which would make this one rather nasty. They have a very high probability of one coming out next turn (>50%)
  3. my leader negates the worst effects of the roll, making it a higher probability action.


Yes, that sums it up. We beat the two wars we can, so we aren’t overwhelmed by them next round.


Because the nightmare scenario for next turn would be:

Phillip, Hannibal, second Macedonian war, second Punic war (pick two or more) come out next turn. Of those Hannibal and second Punic would be the least bad combo, due to it being a single war.

But Phillip and Hannibal coming out would be firmly in ‘we’re boned’ territory.


Only if we don’t win. Rule #101 of Roman Fight Club - Fight all wars you know you can win ASAP.


Very well. Yes to the consulship vote.


The second Punic war is already out; the third isn’t in the current deck. There is a second Carthaginian leader though: Hannibal’s father Hamilcar. There’s a second Illyrian war in this deck too.


Right, I am dumb.

And I know about the second Illyrian war, I am (perhaps mistakenly) less worried about that than the others.

It would be not good but also would not be nearly as bad as pulling leaders for both Macedonia/ Carthage.


peanut gallery

Yay Rome!


The Eastern Grain Company votes yes

We also would like to kindly point out that we are the most logical (influence spreading wise) choice for Censorship.


The requested votes are all in, I guess it’s @Panzeh next.


D’oh, I thought I forgot one. Sorry Panzeh :(


I think he is travelling today.


I’m back and vote yes.