Republic of Rome forum game


@CraigM, assuming you want Aemilius Paulus to go to war in Macedonia, so Furius is Rome Consul. Agreed?

As Rome Comsul, it would be my intention to nominate Quinctius Flamininus Dictator, as previously agreed.


Yes I agree with that. Rome I leave to your hands.


@scottagibson: you have the floor briefly.


I nominate Quinctius Flamininus as Dictator

The New Men vote Yes

@CraigM @Panzeh @Juan_Raigada @Kolbex @Navaronegun please vote in any order.




Actually if the two Consuls agree on a Dictator, no vote is needed.


Ah, forgot that wrinkle. I guess I only need @CraigM s vote.


Damn it, I demand my voice be heard!


You have it.

Onwards to victory!


P Cornelius Scipio Africanus is my Master of Horse.


I nominate Claudius as Censor. Votes, @CraigM, @Kolbex, @scottagibson, @Juan_Raigada, @Panzeh. Virtus Romana votes yes


Is Claudius eligible?




He was HRAO to begin. And our first Censor.


Ah, then he should be tagged as prior consul in the game state.

Also, too, that’s a lot of influence in the Kolbexarii.

New Men vote Yes


Best available man for the job.


That was Junius.


Junius for Censor, same votes.

Claudius has the asterix in the info thread, btw, @rho21


Asterisk is faction leader. As is first place in the list, so perhaps that’s superfluous.
Prior Consul marker is the PC column.


Hum, doesn’t the asterix denote faction leader? Claudius was the initial HRAO, but that’s not actually “consular experience,” is it?