Republic of Rome forum game



We’ll take 4+1 to Illyria.


I don’t think that’s a material change to the proposal, so no need for anyone who’s already voted to vote again.


I like that we’re voting not just for him to fight but also win.



Just imagine him in toga and saying “Romans” and not “Americans” and with a Legionary Standard behind him.


What a great movie.


Measure passed unanimously. Lucius Aemilius Paullus Macedonicus sails at once to take advantage of Macedonia’s recent problems and bring glory to Rome!

Rome has 5 regular legions and 1 veteran legion still encamped near the city, with no fleets left in the docks.


New base vote totals:
Panzeh: 9
CraigM: 5
Kolbex: 12 (+3 for battle proposals)
scottagibson: 8
Navaronegun: 6
Juan_Raigada: 5


New measure vote to raise 3 fleets.


@Kolbex, @CraigM, @scottagibson, @Juan_Raigada, @Panzeh












Virtus Romana votes yes.

Fleet measure passed.

New measure vote to send myself and Master of Horse, 6 legions and 3 fleets to fight and win the Illyrian War.

When this measure passes, the Senate is adjourned, @rho21

Virtus Romana votes yes.


@Panzeh, @Juan_Raigada, @CraigM, @Kolbex, @scottagibson






Yes, let’s blow this popsicle stand.




I agrees and appreciate he spirit! yes

Onward to victory brothers


Measure passes. Senate adjourned.



I won’t have time to resolve this for a few hours, I’m afraid. At least I should be able to think about the story to weave around the battles in that time.