Republic of Rome forum game


I’ve been searching the rules to attempt to make sure that rule applies in this case before implementing it. It’s not especially carefully worded, but I believe you are correct: Fabius gains 3 influence while Scipio loses the same number.


Scipio declines to tempt fate a further time


Oooh, the alliance crumbling…


Claudius (@Panzeh) will you prosecute?


The goal of the Eastern Grain company has historically been to accumulate enough wealth to buy the influence and make themselves king- their use of mobs to their benefit does not change this fact.

Claudius will stand against this would be king.


Rome needs money. Rome needs those willing to share their money with her in her hour of need. However, Rome also needs Scipio at the head of a Carthaginian expeditionary force, which he cannot do if he is torn apart by the mob in the forum.


Votes, any order:

@Panzeh, @Kolbex, @scottagibson, @CraigM, @Juan_Raigada

Virtus Romana votes for the Prosecution.


Vote for prosecution


We understand, Scipio. You possess Virtus Romana.


Papiros and Fabius look at themselves, puzzlingly.

Then they walk to the forum, look at the people and say:

Look at post above

We call for a popular appeal vote


And now @Juan_Raigada calls for a public appeal, and @rho21 rolls the dice, and he is almost certainly freed, and we see if someone dies.


The mood on the streets is one of incredulity when the censor announces another prosecution of Papirius, this time for corruption in his role as land commissioner. The outcome is predictable really, the violence of the mob this time contained only by the presence of a much larger and more heavily-armed security detail. But even the lictors can’t save Claudius from an expertly-aimed rotten egg that lands just below his navel. The senators will be laughing about that one for weeks.

Popular appeal

Popularity + 2d6 = 9 + 6 = 15 => accused freed.
This time 4 mortality chits are drawn against the censor (18) and prosecutor (5) only.
Draws: 20, 12, 2, 4

Claudius loses 3 influence, Fabius gains another 3.

But in all the confusion as the senators flee the howling mob, Papirius stumbles, clutching his side. Blood flows between his fingers, but not liberally for the hand wielding the knife has been caught just in time in the iron grip of a former centurion who seems to have been more alert for danger from within than from the mob outside the doors. The speculation that he knew the attack was coming is little voiced though, for the times are troubled and the mob needs no further incitement.

Indeed the people are incensed when they hear of the attempt on the life of Papirius and are quite insistent that the culprit be brought before them to face justice immediately. But whose hand held that knife?

The answer is Sulpicius, well known to be a toady of the censor himself. Well, former toady now. The mob speaks of a grudge taken too far: what has Papirius done to earn the mortal hatred of Quinctius? The senate is left in no doubt that a special major prosecution must be called immediately, and that the people will want a say in the outcome.

Assassination attempt

Sulpicius’ attempt rolled a 1. No cards were played.

Sulpicius is caught and killed. His faction leader T Quinctius Flamininus loses 5 influence and becomes the subject of an immediate special major prosecution.

In a strange loophole of Roman law, Quinctius must preside over his own trial. No prosecutor or advocate is appointed for this type of trial, and no roll is made against the trial table.

@Navaronegun: call the votes.



Senate, wake up!

Demand this crime doesn’t go unpunished! We can’t let this precedent stand.

We have little influence, but those of you with high ranking Senators, those of you close to becoming consul for life, do you really want to send the signal that such attempts are permissible? Do you really want to paint a target on your back that way?

There shall be no violence but the violence of the State!


This is hysterical. What a dramatic turn of events!


How I think I look:

How I actually look:




Sulpicious…what an over enthusiastic youth.

Votes, any order:

@Panzeh, @Kolbex, @scottagibson, @CraigM, @Juan_Raigada

Virtus Romana votes against the Prosecution.. Oh, public appeal, @rho21


I vote against the prosecution.


35/36 chances of automatic guilty veredict.

Bye Bye, Quinctius, nice to meet you!


@rho21 Point of order. The accused must demand public appeal.

1.09.74 PUNISHMENT: A caught Assassin is killed. In addition, his Faction Leader loses 5 Influence and, if he is in Rome, is the subject of an immediate Special Major Prosecution, in which he MUST make a Popular Appeal (1.09.421). However, instead of modifying the Popular Appeal roll by his own Popularity, he must subtract the Popularity of the target Senator. So, if the target had negative Popularity, add it to the roll.