Republic of Rome forum game


Another point of order while no prosecutor is named, nothing precludes my selecting an advocate @rho21.


The mob will be heard this season. They show no sign of listening to Quinctius’ fancy oratory, no interest whatsoever in the evidence that Quinctius had no hand in Sulpicius’ ill-fated assassination attempt. The mob wants to see more blood. Some are even calling this Papirius’ second games of the year.

This time there is no stopping them. Titus Quinctius Flamininus is trapped by about 300 people as he attempts to flee to his country estates using a rear door of the senate. His bodyguard stands firm but is overwhelmed. Manlius, his last remaining loyal supporter makes it further, as far as the eastern gates of the city. The gates stand closed though, by chance or by treachery, and the mob is close on his heels.

The name of Virtus Romana is sullied beyond repair in the eyes of the people. While the families of Quinctius, Manlius and Sulpicius may return to prominence, their faction will never rise again.

Popular appeal and punishment

2d6 - Papirius’ popularity = 2 - 9 = -7 => accused killed

9 mortality chits are drawn looking for other members of the faction (just Manlius, 6).
Draws: Draw Two, 11, 30, 22, 15, 14, 12, 6. No point drawing the remaining three chits.
Manlius is killed. With no remaining members, the Virtus Romana faction is eliminated!


Adios, folks! It’s been fun!


Yikes, that’s crazy!


Damn, I didn’t know there was player elimination in this game, I thought you got the next senator to be in the Curia or something. Sheesh!


This is an 80’s game, you can definitely be eliminated.


But it’s the remake version, it’s supposed to be kindler and gentler!



Good Senators, I appeal for calm! We have important business to attend to.

As I have pleaded before, we must find a way to fund the state in these perilous times. I intend to raise a fleet and fight the Macedonians, but doing so will severely stress the treasury. All factions should be prepared to contribute to the state next year.

It appears there are two concessions to be assigned. This will help make funds available for the state.

In the interest of balance and being able to contribute myself, I propose awarding a tax farmer concession to Calpurnicus

The New Men vote Yes

@Panzeh @Juan_Raigada @Kolbex @CraigM please vote in any order.


Yeah, this isn’t Root or Star Friend Squadron. Space Cats against Smurfs.


Vote yes.

Rome is in dire straits, and while i’ve fought a principled fight against concentrations of wealth that can enable tyranny, we must move on.


Not that it matters right now, but I tend to read the rules in this case as precluding a trial entirely under the advocate rules. (An advocate is appointed immediately after the prosecutor, and no prosecutor is appointed.)

You do if you lose your last senator for any other reason (though even that is quite hard). It’s only in the case of assassination punishment you can be eliminated, which is to prevent someone just constantly throwing out assassination attempts.

Anyway, thanks for playing @Navaronegun. I’m sure I’ll see you in another forum game soon.


Git gud! I love this player-chewing game.


Yes to awarding the concession to Calpurnicus.

Also: holy shit.


Thanks for running this @rho21 That’s the way the cookie forum crumbles.


We vote yes

Also, I wasn’t really aware of the mortality chits being drawn (that rule eluded me). I’m actually sad to see you go @Navaronegun!!!


I am entertained!


I was. 😀. I’ll miss you too, evil oligarch. 1 in 3 chance of success, 1 in 3 chance of catastrophic failure. Still had a less than even chance on the appeal, but hey, no guts, no glory.

More later on why when the game ends.

Good luck, Rome!


Wow, the way the rules describe assaasinations completely downplays what can happen. It’s not ‘hey you failed, now that senator is dead’ its ‘WE ARE MOUNTING YOUR HEAD ON THE GATES AS A WARNING’

Holy hades!


We need the money, I’ll vote yes.