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I propose awarding the second tax concession to Valerius of the Kolbexarii

New Men vote Yes

@Panzeh @CraigM @Kolbex @Juan_Raigada vote in any order.


Vote yes.



Just kidding, yes.




My gaming group played Rome a few times in the late eighties, but I don’t think we ever realised that assassination could lead to this kind of epic catastrophe. Wow.

(Or maybe we just got the rules wrong. Which seems quite likely.)


While we wait for the voting, let’s start thinking about next round.

What are we expecting?

@rho21 Which cards are left in the deck? How many cards in there?


There are 9 cards left in the early deck.

There was a request much earlier in the game to not list the deck contents. If everyone wants to know, I’m happy to list the cards that remain between the deck and players’ hands, or just list the “interesting” cards left in the deck.


That’s fine, can you just list wars and leaders that have already appeared?


I’ve added a discard pile section to the game state. I’m pretty sure I’ve remembered all of the wars and leaders that have left play.


Is there a handy list of the normal content of the deck at the start? The rules describe the types of cards, e.g. Tribune of the Plebs, but I can’t find anything that tells how many of each there are, or how many of each of the wars, etc.


Cool, so only one war left and two full Early Republic turns (after which we HAVE to deal with Carthage).

Should be enough time to build up.

I humbly suggest continue as planned (despite the chaos the senate has been thrown into) and dealing with the Macedonians.


I have such a list to hand. That comes under my question above though, of whether everyone wants this information to be public. I personally have no objection.

Note that for wars I have listed a series, e.g. 1st Punic War 1 of 3 (2). This means there are 3 Punic Wars in total, and 2 of them reside in the deck this particular one comes from. As it happens, the third punic war is one of 46 cards in the middle republic deck.


I think there was talk before about coming leaders and wars. I believe it was @CraigM who spoke so, so players seem to be looking at the deck composition regarding upcoming wars.

Given the situation we are in re. Carthage, I think it’s sensible.


I’ve reread the rules after what happened. Attempting assassination against a high popularity Senator is very, very risky if you are caught. Suicidal, almost. The forced popular appeal with reduced target popularity AND the mortality chits make it very likely you’ll lose (if caught, but that’s a 33% chance of total disaster):

  • Assassin - Autokill
  • Faction Leader - 98% of autokill. Might be killed by voting even if he survives that.
  • About 1/3rd chance of any other individual faction senator dying.

L Aemilius Paullus Macedonicus is VERY safe.


So just me voting?


The Kolberaxi have good income already, but there’s no profit in preventing further money for the state at this time.

@rho21 @scottagibson


I propose raising 10 fleets

So that we can prosecute the Macedonian war.

New Men vote Yes

@Panzeh @CraigM @Kolbex @Juan_Raigada


We vote yes

The war has to be taken care of


Extremely expensive, but I suppose we have little choice. I’d also like to point out this means 30(?!) talents for the already extremely wealthy Eastern Grain Company, and wonder how much of that we can expect to see returned to the state treasury, which will be much depleted thereby.


Since I just was the target of 2 prosecutions and an assassination attempt, I do not want to make any commitments and leave my options open to negotiate.

I do think there’s little choice but to do it. By my calculations, even without the spoils, the treasury should be fine.


To be blunt, if everybody agrees in a public deal to allow me to select one of my senators for every slate the HRAO proposes (choosing before the proposal), and to support that slate, I will donate 25 talents if Papirius is not killed in the mortality phase.

I have had just one consulship in the very first turn.

Otherwise I will make no commitment at this point.

Edit: made the wording of the proposal more generic to avoid loopholes. It’s clear to me Virtus Romana was not acting alone, so I don’t want to leave any hole .