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I will make no deals with the faction seeking a would-be king.

Vote yes on current proposal.


Fine. But see where the unwillingness to deal has brought us.


Yes to fleet raising.


I vote yes because we must fight this war.

@scottagibson I would also point out that you and I have contributed to the state, while having tre lowest income. (Meta: I drew a War every single turn except this one. When I rolled the storm at sea apparently. The RNG is not a fan of me it seems). I am not saying that the Grain Company needs to be targeted, merely that when the hour of our states need is greatest he uses it to profit.

Which to say @Juan_Raigada that I am disinclined to acquiesce to your request. I am not unwilling to deal, however. Perhaps we can engage in a productive bargain after the fires of war have been held at bay for a moment.


Let’s finish the turn and we’ll talk.

Right now I agree war is a priority.


To be fair, I didn’t contribute, because the deal fell apart.


Ah, I misremembered. I still did however, using 10 of my 11 talents.


I have not contributed because every contribution deal has fallen apart because Virtus Romana and its partner have refused to deal with the majority.

The deals I proposed where just deals where everybody contributed and I didn’t ask for anything in return, just everybody doing their part and the absence of prosecutions since we would be defenseless.

And for that all I got animosity and ostracism in the Senate.

And two prosecutions. And an assassination attempt. What the hell do you want? For me to smile and go along. No.

Trying to work for the state and just look for protection won’t work anymore. Either I can select one of my Senators as consul or I won’t be dealing. Full stop.


In the interest of total fairness to myself, I (as the duly designated representative of the city, county and state of New York Kolbexarii) also donated this last revenue phase.


Every contribution deal required massive commitments by everyone else, a demand that he be able to retain every dime of income, which, by the way, is the only way that someone can become consul for life without a vote.


Every deal included me contributing over 75% of my talents. The very first deal was 100% of them, but since I needed protection from your faction and Virtus Romana, things changed.

You have created this situation. While at the same time manipulating Virtus Romana into pointless, impossible prosecutions.

To be consul for life I would need much, much more influence, something I do not have but you and @CraigM do. And now you’ll be going to war and get even more influence.

So spare me the tears.


Has anyone ever proposed a deal which would require the Eastern Grain Company to share revenue somehow? I don’t recall it.

I agree his wealth is a problem, but I wonder why the only solution was blunt force?

For my part, I’m in last place because the Eastern Grain company joined my conspiracy and then ratted me out. So I can hardly be sympathetic. But I have since then on every round tried to focus on Rome’s need, only to see all my proposed deals rejected.

As it is we’re forced to nearly bankrupt the state just to wage one of three wars.


Both of which can be tied to our mariners deciding that a fishing trip to Magna Gracia sounded like a good idea during the winter. Damn fools ought to know the straights of Messina are treacherous that time of year.


Good Senators, War is upon us.

I propose that the noble Acilius take command of 4 veteran legions and 13 more legions, and that he at once make war on the Macedonian hordes.

This force (23) should be sufficient to guarantee victory excepting any disaster / standoff roll. May the gods smile on Acilius!

New Men vote yes

@Panzeh @Juan_Raigada @CraigM @Kolbex, please vote in any order.


On to battle!

Vote yes.


While Macedonius knows he would be the best man for the job, he fully understands the senates decision. And gives Acilius a few tactical tips, and some maps he had his scouts prepare while anticipating the battle that never came.

vote yes


The Eastern Grain Company grudgingly votes yes

Giving yet more glory to its enemies for the good of Rome.




All Rome now waits for news from the east.


Any further business before the end of the senate session?