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Rome was tired of war, for once. Disheartened by the seemingly indefatigable Carthaginians, dismayed by the rancour of the Neptune. So while it was a huge force they sent against the Macedonians, the senate had not chosen a particularly gifted general and the troops were rather disheartened after several months of marching back and forth trying to bring the Macedonians to battle.

At last, Macedon found an opportunity to ambush the Roman legions, trapping a quarter of the force under withering fire in a narrow defile. The testudo formation was proving its worth to keep the legions alive, but they were unable to make any progress towards safety and sooner or later the arrows would find their marks; each leaving a hole in the shield wall for others to follow.

But Acilius, for all his pedestrian leadership skills, was still born a son of Rome! He personally led a large relief force to rout the Macedonians on the northern hills, sending a similar force to the south as well.

Of course the Macedonian general had predicted this response and with only a relatively modest force to deploy had placed all of it to defend just one flank. On both sets of hills, the archers melted away as the legions closed with them fast, but only in the north did they turn and fight, supported by a large number of infantry who had lain in concealment. The legions with Acilius, his bodyguard and the general himself all fought bravely but many were killed, including Acilius himself!

It availed the Macedonians little in the end. For while the legions had groused about Acilius’ leadership while he was alive, they had all seen how he had risked and ultimately lost his own life to save the embattled men under his command. A hero he was, and the legions fought with redoubled ferocity from then on, swiftly bringing Macedon to its knees for the second time in as many years.

Ultimately, fewer men returned than had left Rome in the spring. And there was less to bring home with them this time, too. Perhaps the lack of Macedonicus’ negotiating skills, perhaps just shrunken coffers after last year’s ruinous peace settlement. Either way, after two heavy defeats it’s finally made clear to all that the remains of the old Greek empire is in decline, and no match for the prowess of the rising Roman republic. The Macedonians will certainly be leaving Rome alone for some time to come.

1st Macedonian War
  • Roll: 5
  • Army Strength: 21
  • Commander: 2
  • War strength: -12
  • TOTAL: +16 = Victory with the loss of two legions and two fleets.
    Both the losses were regular (non-veteran) legions.

4 mortality chits drawn against Acilius (12): Draw Two, Draw Two (uh oh, I’m getting a bad feeling about this), 26, None, 17, 21, 12 (one draw not needed). Acilius is killed.

One legion becomes veteran with no loyalty marker.
The treasury gains 25 talents of spoils. Unrest decreases from 3 to 2.



I’m sure you know the drill by now. You may play and trade hand cards freely in this phase.

@Panzeh @CraigM @Kolbex @scottagibson @Juan_Raigada


That could have gone better, but also worse.

In conclusion, Macedon is a land of contrasts.

EDIT: I play and trade no cards.


I have nothing, I do nothing.








Also, too, the bad event / outcome factor in this game is relentless. For those of you who have played before, is this normal?



Between the recent mob violence and unfortunate combat losses, Rome is far shorter of leading senators than it has been in recent memory. But perhaps it is the weak who were weeded out by this process. Certainly everyone is looking hale and hearty this spring, now that the excesses of Saturnalia have worn off. Well, all except Aurelius, who has always looked a bit sickly at the best of times. Still, even he seems well enough.



Faction Revenue

Player Senators Knights Concessions Offices Total Income Previous Total Money
@scottagibson 5 2 4 0 11 4 15
@Juan_Raigada 5 3 11 5* 24 60 84
@Panzeh 4 3 4 0 11 11 22
@CraigM 5 1 2 0 8 1 9
@Kolbex 4 3 7 1** 15 28 43

* Provincial spoils from Gallia Cisalpina (@Juan_Raigada: your governor already has a corruption marker and the province is developed, so I’m going to assume you’ll take spoils every turn.)
** Pontifex Maximus income

@Panzeh, @Kolbex: there is a level 1 drought in effect so you may double your grain concession income if you wish in exchange for a loss of 2 popularity on the relevant senator.

Players, please distribute these funds as you see fit between faction and personal treasuries.
You may also trade money at this time.

Province Development
All provinces are developed already.

State Revenue and Expenses

Base Wars Legions Fleets Land Bills Provinces Net Income Previous Treasury New Treasury
100 -40 -38 -16 -10 8 4 79 83
  • Gallia Cisalpina (2d6-1): 8

Senators may make contributions to the state to gain influence
(10T => 1 influence, 25T => 3 influence, 50T => 7 influence)


Noble Senators, what do we mean to do this year?

We muster 24 (5 veterans and 14 others) strength in legions at the moment, and 8 fleets.

We can raise 6 more legions, to reach 30 strength, and send good Scipio as Dictator and Macedonicus as MH to fight the second Punic war on an even footing (40 vs 40). This gives us no better than a 31% to win outright. Odds of defeat are actually greater at 43%. This is…not attractive, but the odds will not get better with time as (I think) our limit on legions is 25 total.

The first Punic War would be an easier fight save for the fleet battle. We need to raise at least 12 fleets to meet them on an even basis (again assuming Scipio and Macedonicus) and of course the odds of winning are no better. Raising 17 fleets puts us at +5, which gives us a 62% chance of winning the fleet battle. But we would need 170 talents for that, and we have only 79. And we must have enough more to avoid bankrupting Rome next year.

I fear we are doomed, unless we can bring ourselves to open our purses and come to Rome’s aid.


All right, I hope the Senate (or at least part of it) is open to negotiation).

I’m calling those two factions because they are the possible HRAO during slate nomination and they together command enough votes to pass the slate. If other factions want to join on the agreement in principle, that’s fine, but those two are the ones I would feel comfortable with at minimum.

This is a very generous deal in the spirit of collaboration. DESPITE two prosecutions AND an assassination attempt. I am willing to repair any burnt bridge.

However, I will not engage in negotiations over this, not after all the unwarranted animosity, the proposal is final. I urge the mentioned faction leaders to consider. Otherwise you can’t honestly expect the Eastern grain Company to collaborate with an openly hostile Senate.


I would rather Rome fall than give Eastern Grain Company a crown.

Beware that given their enormous treasury, any office given to that faction puts them at risk of declaring themselves Consul for life.


How so?

the only player who can even get a Consul for life nomination going (enough influence) is the Rex Antiquis (who has voted with you and Virtus Romana in every vote against me, btw, so I wouldn’t discount a secret alliance). You are only 3 influence away. It is you guys who should not get office.

I am giving away 50 talents with that agreement. I would lose most of my treasury.

I am so fed up with the animosity. Look, sorry I broke your chance at an early game triumvirate. Can we adults discuss peacefully now?

Edit: whatever. Let @scottagibson and @Kolbex decide on whether they’d prefer me contributing or start taking action like you and your Virtus Romana lackey did. I think I’ve been very patient and collaborative so far, given the circumstances.


In distributing your wealth I should remind everyone there will be one initiative to bid for this turn. The successful bid must come from the personal treasury of a single senator.


So I will distribute the 9 to Fulvius, as before.

Also, side talk, but that ship building concession seems so much more powerful than any other. Perhaps the (as yet unseen) Legion one would be as well. But the ship building one seems game distortingly strong.

Especially if we have a storm.


Armaments can be even more strong when it shows up early. I think the balance is in the political position you lose by being so obviously strong financially.


Yup, among people who know the game, one of the useful things to understand is that obviously strong positions(having a big treasury, for example) tend to preclude a player from being able to get appointed.


I thank the Noble Papirius for his generosity and dedication to Rome. I have considered his offer most carefully, with an eye toward the wars that plague us, but I cannot see how this offer on its own will save us.

We need fleets, 17 more of them. 50 talents from the Eastern Grain Company is a handsome sum, but it is not enough to meet our needs. If every other faction were ready to commit their own fortunes to this effort, then it would be enough; but my sense of the Senate is that this is not the case.

If I err in that judgement, I invite @CraigM @Panzeh @Kolbex to speak their mind now. And if @Juan_Raigada is prepared to increase his offer, let him also speak.

Otherwise, it is clear we cannot fight a war this year. And, if that is the case, then 50 talents is not enough to agree to permanent office for the Eastern Grain Company.

@rho21, I lodge all of my funds, including faction treasury, with Calpurnicus