Republic of Rome forum game


I was asking for this turn, not permanent!!!

I repeat, I have not had an office since turn 1


Ah, I realize that I misunderstood this:

I realize now that you mean if multiple slates are required for this year, I thought by every slate you meant in perpetuity. My bad.

The economics are still the same, though. Unless all Senators are prepared to donate substantially to the Senate, we cannot fight the wars we face. So I will await their pleasure.


Eh, yeah, requiring consulship in perpetuity would have been certainly an overreach :P


I will idly observe, with absolutely no agenda, that the EGC’s generous donation of 50 talents with which to build fleets to oppose Rome’s enemies will be repaid to the tune of 51 talents (should we build the required 17 fleets) thanks to the shipbuilding concession. Truly a noble sacrifice for the good of all.


I could contribute some of that later, for sure. For this round, however, it is a very generous offer, I think.

I got 30 talents from shipbuilding last turn (when you objected to my profit) and I’m proposing to contribute 50


I like to assume there’s lots of diplomacy going on in the background, but it’s time to poke this thread and get things moving again.


Take the double money and put it all on Claudius


I mean, I’m not diplomacing, just waiting on a public decision.

Assuming there’s none, all cash goes with Fabius


Agree, as much as I’d like to see a cooperative deal at this point, there seem to be no takers. So we should move on.


My take basically is, you’ll either give Rome the money or you won’t. Why give up my own position when EGC not giving the money dooms Rome anyway? I would not give EGC any consul positions or send them on any campaigns because their funds allow them to rebel quite easily.


I think we are still waiting for @Kolbex’s decision regarding allocations?

I mean, let’s keep this moving if no agreement can be found.


4 extra talents added to the kitty; all 26 talents go to Claudius, whose popularity drops to -2.

OK, Fabius has 84 talents.


Scipio donates 10T to Rome, 5T to Valerius.


OK, so that’s 8 in the treasury, 25 with Valerius, 10 to the state, +1 influence to Scipio.

Any other donations before I finish the revenue phase? @Panzeh @Juan_Raigada @CraigM @scottagibson


@rho21 No.


We don’t either, then.


Claudius Donates 25 to Rome


Claudius goes up by 3 influence; the state treasury now stands at 118 talents.


Are we ready to move on or are we waiting for somebody?


Technically CraigM, but the Rex Antiquis senators don’t have 10 talents on hand so are probably unlikely to contribute. Mostly we’re waiting for me to have a bit of time to start the forum phase. Should be able to in the next couple of hours.