Republic of Rome forum game


Noble Senators, Rome stands upon the brink of ruin. Times like these try a man’s mettle, and the family of Flaminius will not be found wanting!

Flaminius assassinates Fabius
I play my assassin card to improve the odds



The rest of you better hope it works, otherwise it’s game over.


Deals just bring EGC senators closer to buying the victory. The prosecution/assassination’s had to succeed earlier.


This is taking a long time, so…I have a bad feeling about this.


Fabius was still throwing expensive parties nightly for his friends and associates. But while he was very popular in the Eastern Grain Company, this conspicuous display of wealth when Rome was under threat particularly disgusted many other senators more inclined to the Stoic school of thought.

On the opening day of the senate, before any intimation of his nominations for new consuls, Flaminius asked for a huge, beautifully painted map to be brought onto the senate floor. It depicted the peninsula of Italia in great detail, with a bright red line showing the progress, as far as it was known, of Hannibal’s army.

As all the senators were leaning forwards for a better look, a loud trumpeting sound came from outside. Flaminius declaimed at once: “Senators, do you hear the sounds of the Carthaginians’ great war beasts? Be calm, this is just a demonstration. But it will be real enough if we do not face Carthage soon. And we cannot do so this year, for we cannot raise a fleet that will match theirs!”

“Whose fault is this, my friends? It lies at the feet of all of us who hoard our own wealth at the expense of the state. Fabius, here is a particular example.” With these words, Flaminius spun to point at Fabius, redirecting the gaze of all in the room. A collective gasp broke out, for Fabius was slumped forwards over his bench, with a spreading pool of blood visible on his back.

Chaos broke out, with some shouting that the demonstration must have been staged to draw attention away from the vile murder (on the floor of the senate itself!) but Flaminius protested his innocence. He was as shocked as any by this crime and vowed the full weight of the senate behind any prosecutions that might arise.

A day later a former soldier was hanged for the murder, found with bloody clothes and dagger. He had no tongue, so could not speak of either his motive or any possible accomplices. Further investigations revealed him as a man with a great grudge against Fabius, related to the loss of his tongue. So the matter rested at that and the senate returned to its normal business.

Assassination attempt

Roll of 4 + 1 = 5. Target killed.

The Eastern Grain Company does not choose to play a bodyguard at this time.


The above was an ill worded deal attempt. Pay no attention.




Instead of dealing so those 50 talents went to the treasury, now they are wasted. Good job!

You should have gone for Papirius. As it is now, I have not a specially big treasury, so I will make no contribution deals or deals that will diminish my future earnings.


What say you, good Senators?

  • @Juan_Raigada agrees to donate all proceeds from fleet building to the state
  • If @Juan_Raigada draws or plays the armaments concession, he agrees to donate all proceeds to the state
  • In return, we agree to elect one of the EGC faction as Consul
  • We agree there will be no prosecutions this year


Yeah, no.

I might envision a deal allowing a prosecution to Papirius after I raise some of those 50 talents back. But that’s about it.


I agree with our august colleague from the EGC that you should kill, er, uh, should have killed Papirius. He’s the one with the money machine.


Probably a mistake, then. By way of explanation, @Juan_Raigada shared with me his plan to buy the victory this turn, and my goal was to eliminate his funding for this turn.


Which makes no sense because I can’t even try to buy victory without a consul’s help anyway.


Also, too, I don’t think you need to submit to prosecution and give up all your concessions. It would be enough to pledge the fleet and armaments concession proceeds to the state.


Yeah, but I do not want to do that because now I have a pretty average treasury!

So until I build that back, no deals.


You have more money than anyone else, and more income than anyone else, even without the fleet concession.


Junius has twice as much money as any other senator except Valerius, who might as well have zero.

Your treasury is by no means “average,” unless you mean that everyone has a faction treasury of 0, and you still have by far the most potential concession income.


You kill my guy and make me lose 54 tyalents and now you want me to donate money?

Yeah, pretty reasonable. I offered good deals before, but the Virtus Romana assassination attempt and everybody’s agreement burnt that bridge. Now I will not make any deal that does not benefit me anyway.

Previously I was genuinely being generous, you could have had a mild and contributing Eastern grain Company keen on taking Rome to the late Republic before trying anything.

Now, that’s over.

I’d rather see Rome burn than submit to the machinations of factions that could not identify several genuine collaboration deals and instead chose opposition. So be it.


So everyone knows, @Juan_Raigada drew the armaments concession with that last initiative he bid for. So, there’s that to look forward to as well.


I don’t think any more legions will be have to be bought, honestly. That concession has no real weight now.

I could give it away for a consulship.