Republic of Rome forum game


Poke @CraigM again.


Peanut gallery running low on peanuts.


Sorry got the shit kicked out of me this week.

There was some stuff going on, but don’t think any of it works out.

I’ll vote yes to just get going.


No problem, naturally real life issues take precedence over ancient history. Take whatever time you need.

Anyway, Claudius and Calpurnicus are consuls this year. Will one of you agree to bestow Rome consulship on the other? @Panzeh @scottagibson


@Panzeh and I are agreed that Calpurnicus will be Rome Consul.

I nominate Scipio Africanus as Censor

New Men vote Yes

@Panzeh @CraigM @Kolbex @Juan_Raigada please vote in any order.


I vote yes.


Still waiting for votes from @CraigM @Kolbex @Juan_Raigada.


We vote no


Sorry, yes. Meant to look something up in the rules and forgot this was pending.




@Kolbex: Scipio Africanus has the floor for prosecutions.


There is no one I both want to and am able to prosecute at this time.


@scottagibson: what further business does the senate have this year?


I propose to assign the available tax farmer concession to Claudius

New Men vote Yes

@Panzeh @CraigM @Kolbex @Juan_Raigada please vote in any order.


Why him?


I vote yes.

Mostly because i’ve lost a lot as of late.


Because he’s got basically nothing. It seemed the right thing to do.


Well, he lost a couple senators, but we’ve all list people (sniff), and I’m pretty sure that concession was mine until fate took it away.




Probably. I didn’t look at that, TBH. I just looked at the current state and decided @Panzeh needed the lift more than any of the rest of us.