Republic of Rome forum game


I should point out that the last card of the early era has just been handed out. Barring a run of three events, we’ll be working under middle era rules later in the turn (not that it makes much difference). It does mean there’s a chance of drawing a fourth war though.


We survived the early era? That’s…amazing.


Claudius uses the blackmail card and spends 10 to bring the target number on an unopposable persuasion attempt on Julius to 9.


I didn’t immediately spot the second edit as it didn’t make the thread pop up as changed.

I also don’t have time to write a story for this one, I’m afraid. Your roll was a 9, the blackmail succeeds in drawing Julius to your cause.

@Panzeh: do you wish to do anything else with your initiative?


Initiative done.


The game enters the middle era.

@CraigM: you too have gained a hand card. What would you like to do with your initiative?


Use 4 talents to roll for a knight


Roll was a 1, Aemilius fails to attract a knight.


Try and save a buck…

I seriously think that’s the third one I’ve rolled!


@Kolbex: you have drawn a card to hand. What plans do you have for your initiative?


Valerius will spend his 5T to attract a knight.


Done. We’re back around to the start now, so it’s time to auction the final initiative for this year.

It’s a once-around auction, starting with @scottagibson. The winning bid must be paid from a single senator’s personal treasury.


Oh yes, be warned that the game is currently at risk of ending abruptly if the State of the Republic speech goes poorly.


…which means I’ll bid nothing.


You do have some money on Calpurnicus, hence it being worth asking you.

@Juan_Raigada is next up.


Aelius bids 10 and gets the initiative by default.


Agreed, only Valerius has more but he is bound by public agreement not to spend below 20 talents in this circumstance.

The people are very restless this year and the senate hasn’t deigned to sponsor games to placate them. As ever, it’s driven by fear, primarily about the war with Carthage. The whole city feels like tinder awaiting a spark.

Well, that has spark has arrived in a watery way - there’s no-one like the Carthaginians to ruin a good metaphor! The allied city of Rheggium fell at the end of last year’s campaigning season. Refugees have just arrived in Rome brimming with tales of the barbaric ritual drowning of a tenth of the citizens of Rheggium, sacrifices to the Carthaginians’ sinister god of the sea, Dagon.

Only five Roman misfits can see the danger posed; they are the only hope of preventing Carthage raising this Elder God which will surely devour the world. Oh hang on, that’s a different game entirely.

This news terrified the populace of Rome to the extent of a mob forming and bearing down on the homes of the city’s wealthy: were they not the ones to blame for the failure to stop these Carthaginian monsters?

The mob’s motivations are obvious though its aims are unclear. Still, the sheer numbers caught the guards by surprise at a number of villas.

Mob violence

I rolled a 7 for the event table, which means mob violence now we’re in the middle republic.
Draw mortality chits equal to the unrest level (4). Valid targets are senators in Rome whose popularity is less than the unrest level.
Chit draws: Draw two, 1, 15, 24, Draw two, 17, None, 2.
Senators 15 and 2 are currently inactive in the curia, 24 is still in the deck.
17 is Plautius, who is currently unaligned.
And number 1 is Scipio Africanus himself. Sorry all.

It is some irony that chief among the casualties was the censor himself, Publius Cornelius Scipio, who had been so vocal in support of war with Carthage. But such is the mindless nature of the mob once it has formed. @Kolbex

With the unrest now dying down, all Rome will be in mourning for one of its leading lights.

@Juan_Raigada: what will you do with your initiative?


Ouch. I’m not even playing and that hurt.


Next game I’m going to keep a cemetery, with causes of death.


Everyone dies but the one we need to die to right the ship.