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Persuasion attempt on Calpurnicus, spending 10 talents to bring the target number to 9

@scottagibson can oppose.


Of course Scorpio dies, he’s the one we need in Africa.




This is Junius doing the persuading, right?

Junius can muster 18 influence plus 2 oratory plus 28 talents, right?

And I can oppose with 9 loyalty and 7 for aligned plus another 7 talents from faction treasury?

And no one else put money in their faction treasury to oppose persuasion attempts (grrr @Panzeh @CraigM @Kolbex)?

And all the money stays with Calpurnicus whether the persuasion succeeds or fails?

And any roll above 9 fails regardless of what the base number is?

Just want to be sure I understand how this works.


Yeah, I think that’s it.

You are just missing his 5 talents in his personal treasury, which he also gets to oppose with.

So the total you can muster is 9 +7 + 5 (all this automatic) + 7 from faction treasury (which you have to decide upon).

After and if you put money from the faction treasury, Junius would get to raise his contribution.


I thought that, too, but I can’t find it in the rules.


It’s explained with Loyalty (odd place to put it):


Seems like the only chance I have is to get lucky on the roll, in which case driving up the cost seems like the best strategy. If I lose, the 7 talents won’t make much difference. If I win, I get more of your money.

@rho21, I oppose the persuasion attempt with my faction treasury. Total is +28.


I spend 7 more talents to keep the target number at 9


Papirius was most annoyed that Livia had been unable to persuade Calpurnicus to change his support. But if nothing else, the Eastern Grain Company was rich. Perhaps simple bribery could succeed where seduction had been thwarted.

Persuasion attempt

17 talents from Junius to Calpurnicus
7 talents from New Men faction treasury to Calpurnicus.

(Influence + Oratory + Bribes) - (Loyalty + Alignment + Personal Treasury + Counterbribes) = (18 + 2 + 17) - (9 + 7 + 5 + 7) = 37 - 28 = 9.

Roll was 8, persuasion successful.

And so it proved; the lure of such a large amount of wealth tempting the departing Rome consul beyond his ability to resist. It wasn’t corruption, so why shouldn’t he profit from his exalted position while he still held it?

@Juan_Raigada: any further actions?


No further actions

Another 10 or higher and I would have flipped the table!


Wait, what happened to @Kolbex’s faction treasury?


A fine question. I think I may have misplaced it, it’s still present in the PM.


Uhm, they are Schrodinger’s treasury, probably.

It’s for the best they where not there, or I would have gotten 4 more talents, given the roll.


Yes, agree. I just had the sense I’d seen it, then looked and there it was.


Sorry about that. Anyway, time to put Rome in order.

Hannibal continues to rampage through the peninsula, this time destroying holdings belonging to Lucius Aemilius Paullus Macedonicus. @CraigM

The strain of the war means that no repairs have been possible on this concession or the one destroyed last year. However a large number of new senators have risen to prominence from among the great senatorial families (all of Sulpicius, Acilius, Fabius, Fulvius and Plautius).



Disquiet with the war continues to foment unrest in Rome. (Unrest rises from 4 to 6 due to 2 unprosecuted wars.)

State of the Republic

Calpurnicus is not well liked among the people of Rome. It all stemmed from his opposition to a land bill some years back, and he’s done little to improve their view since. And what is the senate thinking by not sponsoring games when the people are so upset? Surely money can’t be that tight: the sounds of partying certainly suggest otherwise.

Still, all remains quiet when Calpurnicus appears on the steps of the senate to speak to the people. But it’s not long into his speech before the angry mutterings begin to rise in volume. Soon loud chanting of political slogans starts and the speech has to be cut short, but thankfully no violence ensues. Perhaps the people are still cowed by the response to the mob violence of just a few weeks back.

State of the Republic details

3d6 - Unrest + HRAO Popularity = 10 - 6 - 1 = 3 => +5 unrest and a manpower shortage.

Unrest is now 11, recruitment this turn costs 20 talents.

Note that you had an average roll there. You had about one chance in 11 of losing the game outright.



Calpurnicus is HRAO for the start of this senate phase and must nominate a pair of new consuls. Take it away, @Juan_Raigada.


Calpurnicus Nominates Papirius and Aelius

@Kolbex @CraigM cast your votes


@Panzeh @Kolbex @CraigM, including buying votes, the EGC have 58 votes. We need to make them spend every one of them. I think we can muster 52. He’ll still win, but he won’t have the money he needs for more mischief.

Edit: No, that won’t work. We vote first, and spend our money, and then he lets the nomination fail and nominates a different pair of consuls. Save your money, just vote against the nomination.