Republic of Rome forum game


I think it’s done for us, but i’ll vote against regardless.



Furthermore, I consider that the Eastern Grain Company must be destroyed.


Join the club!


Yeah, I haven’t been called yet, but The New Men vote No


Ok, everybody can vote.

@scottagibson and @Kolbex have done so already. @Panzeh needs to votein bold to make things clear, and @CraigM is left.




The plan for this year will involve ship building. Rome needs a fleet to be proud of!


Sadly you can only afford 3 fleets.


True, will have to do




@Juan_Raigada, that’s 32 ‘no’ votes. Over to you!


We vote yes and spend 18 talents from Calpurnicus treasure to get 33 votes and pass the nomination


Election fraud everywhere. Fake news and collusion.


I’m not the one colluding!! Much to the contrary.


“I don’t have any financial dealings with Carthage!”


We have no dealings (financial or otherwise) with other Roman factions. We do believe the current conflict with Carthage can be resolved through economic action, yes. Certainly there’s no military action we can really muster to the effect.

I’m offering peace where others lead us to destruction.


I think the floor is yours.


First order of matters is making Junius Dictator, who chooses Calpurnius as Master of horse


Then I would like to know who wants to be Censor.

Office will be given to first person to agree to no prosecutions against the Eastern Grain Company this turn.

No grudges.


If you’re going to declare yourself king at the behest of your Carthaginian friends, get on with it.