Republic: The Revolution - status?

This game began development in 1998, began foreplay (told its featureset) in 2000, and three years after that I STILL haven’t climaxed. All it does is shows me naked pictures of itself (screenshots).

Its going to be at the Love Shack (E3) soon, and I hope its in a down-and-dirty mood. This tease-job has to end… I need some relief.

Has anybody gotten lucky (attained quality info) with this lady yet?

There’s a preview of it in the latest CGM magazine. I think it’s still scheduled for release sometime this year.

I was talking to those guys this week – uh, seemed positive. Will definitely check it out at the E3.

Koontz, you scare me.

I hope this turns out good; it’s the only upcoming game I’m really psyched about.

He scares me too. It scares me that our ideas are so much alike and at the same time he sounds completely crazy to me. That can’t be good.

I’m just glad you’re back.

Anyway, from the makers of, now comes: Evil genius.

Too bad we don’t know if Republic’s going to be any good. Still, this could be Dungeon Keeper done better.