Republic: The Revolution

Does anyone have any news on the status of this game? I couldn’t find a release date on Gonegold, but IIRC it was supposed to be released sometime this year or early next. I also recall a number of release dates being changed for this title.

In a world with a dearth of decent political sims, I’m really looking forward to this one, even if it only produces a half of what it promises.


Wasn’t this game first previewed when Duke Nukem Forever was announced and the Bitboys graphics CPU was hot?

Just about Christoph. Every time I see something about it, they claim it’s like a year away from release. It’s been like that for the last three years. They had supposedly created this incredible 3D engine when 3D engines were a novel new concept. Yet the game will come out when incredible 3D engines are standard features in every new game. :?


According to, it’s still six months out–due out in April 2003.


Ah…so that means they’re probably using the Master of Orion 3 dating method for release. April will roll around and they’ll fire the lead designer and their publisher will demand the game be done by August 2003. Then when it gets close, they’ll push it back two or three more times until it finally ships as a buggy mess in November. I get it now! :wink:


Hmm. I was afraid of that. I tend to not check game retailers for release dates, so I missed the “April” ETA.

Quite disappointing. I feared that the developers had bitten off more than they could chew, but, I think I remember them actually showing some gameplay to media at E3 a couple of years back.