Republican propaganda making its way to Canada

The Canadian Supreme Court recently decided, in a vague-ish sort of way, that same-sex marriage isn’t illegal.

There are many groups talking about this, most in support, some in opposition.

A somewhat older woman came on, representing some sort of “Family Women’s Group” or the like and started talking JUST like she was a Fox analyst.

“Liberal-appointed judges have disenfranchised the Canadian populace.”

“MPs are being forced by Cabinet Liberal elites to vote along party lines.”

It’s just a sad echo of what you guys have going on down there =/

“MPs are being forced by Cabinet Liberal elites to vote along party lines.”

That’s really funny, because it’s not true. When the bill to allow same-sex marriage goes to Parliament, it will be a free vote.

Just wait 'til O’Reilly is allowed on the air up there. Who knows what Crazy Conservative Canucks will get stirred up. :wink:

You actually believe that? Come on, Marchy…

Anyhow, who the hell cares? Allow people to marry their goldfish if they want to. All this “the state is cramming the gay rights agenda down our throats” stuff is nauseating. And in 20 years, nobody will believe how much of a stupid fuss was kicked up – especially in the US – about this issue.

That’s because the blue states will be part of the United States of Canada then. In Jesusland it will still top the agenda.

Seriously, I spend a lot of time traveling around the red states on my job. Those ideas are very firmly cemented and aren’t changing any time soon.

Some (heterosexuals) are saying that even if same sex couples just get the civil marriage licesnce it someone diminishes their our marriage. Right. How high is the divorce rate again?

There was also a woman who called in to CFRB and claimed all gays are pedifiles, that was the best.

Another person said next brothers and sisters and brothers and brothers will be getting married.

I wish I could record this stuff in my car.

Firmly cemented or not right now, that population is aging. And the kids coming up behind 'em, even in the red states, have far fewer issues about gay people getting married. It’s just a matter of time before the entire West recognizes the gay right to marry.

are saying that even if same sex couples just get the civil marriage licesnce it someone diminishes their our marriage. Right. How high is the divorce rate again?

W’s saving the ban on divorce and the death penalty for adultery until the first TV evangelist pisses him off.

I’m not so certain. Sure that younger set has fewer objections to gay marriage now but people get more conservative as they age.

Prognosticating future political trends by extrapolating the mores of young generations doesn’t work out too well. The voters influencing things now are the children of the 60s and 70s. Hardly eras known for the their straitlaced conservatism, and yet that’s the way our culture is trending.

That may be in reaction to the extremism of the 60s and 70s, though.

It’s possible that the more conservative 80s and, er, oughts will turn people into liberals.

This is the same idea that comes up when people wonder why race relations haven’t progressed as fast expected.

It was just 40 years around that people were marching and getting sprayed with hoses. Just 40 years ago (roughly) that black kids going to school in Little Rock were getting harassed, intimidated and spit on by their peers.

Waiting for evil to die off … just doesn’t seem to be a viable way to approach a problem.

More information about the decision here:

Of particular note, given the usual complaints about same-sex laws:
Third question: Are religious leaders protected under the Charter of Rights from having to marry same-sex couples?
Supreme Court’s answer: Yes

So really - what’s the problem here?

So wait… if it’s “not illegal”… doesn’t that make it legal?

“Activists Judges” are only activits when they lean left. When they lean right they are damn good judges.

I wish I could agree with you on the kids. As far as I can see, the younger generation, especially in the old South, is every bit as conservative as their parents when it comes to what they regard as issues of faith. They’ve made remarkable strides as far as racial issues go from my generation, but anything related to the Bible, not at all. These kids think it’s their religious duty to vote Republican.

Yay New Zealand.

Actually the sadder thing is that back in 1999 parliment voted overwhelmingly to not allow same sex marriage. This is one case where I think the Supremem court did the right thing. I had to shake my head when Dave Rutherford, the local right wing talk host, implied that this opened the door for “other” types of sexuality. In other words, the same tired slippery slope every neo-con Christian pulls out about pedophilia.

Yeah, I don’t get it. The farthest this could conceivably be pushed is transexual things here and there, but those are so politically radioactive they make gay marriage look like pattycake. Unfortunately.

Why did I just get the image of talking heads on fox news reminding people not to forget their immunization against transsexuals.