Where do I go to register as a Republican? I’ve been a Democrat by “default” for 9 years; it’s time for a change.

Go independent. You’ll be able to look in the mirror and sleep at night.

Not if I’m forced to vote between Hillary and Rudy. If I want to effect change, it will come better from within. It’d be easier to talk to people instead of shouting over them.

I think you need to present proof of a rape conviction or something.

Same way you register to vote… I presume you just go back to the DMV.

I’m still registered Democrat, which is as bad as being a child molester. hangs head in shame

Well, the Democrats must be doing something right. Hell if I can figure out what, though.

I wonder if I can register as a Nudist or something.


I’m a registered Beer Offender.

Dirt, I find it hard to believe that you can both be a Democrat for the last nine years who decides that now is the time to side with the Republican Party, and not spend your days locked in a secure facility fingerpainting with your own shit.

But then I read your understanding of the natural world over in the Everything forum and I understand. But who the fuck are you going to vote for? Why don’t you just be a dear and admit to yourself that your grasp of politics and the world is not sufficient to make your opinion worthwhile. In return, it’ll free up two hours one night in November every four years for you to learn about sciency things before you rest your big fat waterbrained head on your drool encrusted pillow.

I’ve got a bet with myself that you drink Michelob.

Put it this way: a friend of mine works for a major brewery and usually brings over a couple of (free) cases.

Unnecessarily harsh, but the first good laugh of the day.

With your local DMV (if you’re updating your license) or your state board of elections website. Sometimes you can find the forms at the post office or other state agency offices.

Registering with either party will allow you to vote in their primary unless the open the primary for unaffiliated voters (not usually done.) If you are unaffiliated you may also declare on that primary’s election date, thus excluding you from any additional primary.

I’m unaffiliated which generally means I get little to any spam. However, I’m wanting to take part in the primaries this year so I’m going through the process myself.

Are you a closeted homosexual? That seems to a requirement for entry into the Republican party these days.

I have to agree. And I don’t have any respect for the Democrats, either, but at least they haven’t killed anyone lately.

I am ready to receive the seeds of your wisdom.

I assume the reason he is asking is in order to vote for Ron Paul in the primary. (That is the only reason I can think of to register Republican at this time).

I may do the same thing. Certainly the Democrats do not deserve my registration.

If you can’t tell the difference between “completely ineffectual at fighting evil” and “evil itself”, then there’s no hope for you.

Seriously, you’re going to vote Republican after the last 8 years? Either someone is trolling, or just hasn’t been paying attention.

Edit: Just read the Everything Else thread about different species of dinosaurs independently evolving into different species of mammals. I take it back, you’d fit in with the Republican Party just fine. Give Dubya a kiss for me.

The traditional way to express this is to slip your foot under the stall and tap his.